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विक्षनरी से

This module contains data for labels specifying a particular subvariety of a language. All labels in this module should be language-specific and use plain_categories.

The language code of the language must be specified in the field language. Labels with no language code are not available through the template {{label}}. Use the language code that will appear in the template {{label}} when the label is being used: for instance, zh (Chinese) rather than cmn for Mandarin Chinese.

labels["<label>"] = {
	display = "[[<page_to_link_to>|<link_text>]]",
	plain_categories = { "<category1>" },
	language = "<language_code>",
aliases["<alias>"] = "<label>"

If a label is used with a language code that is not listed in its data file, the data file will be ignored (i.e., the display will not be shown, and categories will not be added), and a tracking template will be added (Special:WhatLinksHere/Template:tracking/labels/incorrect-language).

For labels for general geographical locations not tied to any particular language, see Module:labels/data/regional.

See Module:labels/data for more information.

-- The subvariety data is now under language-specific modules;
-- see the documentation for more info.

return {}