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Guyanese Hindi Dictionary

यहाँ गयानी-हिन्दी के प्रचलित शब्दों के अंग्रेजी में अर्थ दिये गये हैं।

aant ke saant -- carelessly

आरती -- worship during which a thari is circulated around the object of worship abir red powder used during Pagwah

abrak -- powder

अचार -- condiment made with masala; pickle

अगरबती -- incense

आगे -- infront

अगुआ -- matchmaker for arranged marriages

आजा/आजी -- Paternal grandfather/grandmother

आलू -- potato

आलू रोटी -- potato roti

आर्य समाज -- Hindu reformation movement based on the Vedas ashram building where religious instruction is provided atar perfume mostly used in pujas

बांसुरी -- flute specifically Krishna’s flute

बाप रे बाप -- Oh God!

बाबू -- Mister

बच्चा -- child

बचें -- children

बदाम लछ -- a sweet treat similar to candy floss or soan papdi bahu daughter-in-law

बैगन -- eggplant

बैगन चोखा -- roasted, seasoned and mashed eggplant

बैगनी -- sliced and fried eggplant

बैठो -- sit

बाजै -- beat (drums)

bandhania -- cilantro

bansuri -- flute

bara -- savoury snack; moong beans pancake

बरात -- wedding procession

बर्तन -- cooking utensils/vessels

बहन -- sister

बहनोई -- sister’s husband

बेलना -- rolling pin

बेटा -- son (or daughter)

बेटी -- daughter

बिटिया -- female child

बेले -- use rolling pin

भाई -- brother

भैया -- Big brother

भाजी -- spinach/ vegetables

भंडारा -- cooked food storage area

भौजी -- Brother’s wife

भोजन -- food

भूख लगी -- hungry

bhoongi -- bump that results from hitting your head

bhunjal -- a dry curry

बिछौना -- bed

bilimbi -- small sour green fruit used to make achar

बिना -- without

बिन्दी -- decoration worn on the forehead

बिरहा -- songs of separation from a beloved (UP Ahir community) bodhi long beans (Trinidad)

बोड़ा -- long beans (Guyana)

brigah -- snobbish

bunbunai --

bundari --

camranga -- carambola/ five-finger fruit

करैला -- bitter melon

कच्चा -- not yet ripe

कटहर -- jackfruit

चाचा / चाची -- Father’s brother/ Father’s brother’s wife

छाँछी -- remnants left over after the coconut fat has been fried to make oil chaatay lick

चादर -- sheet

चलो -- let’s go

चमार -- leather workers caste

चमके --

chanchi -- fried remnants left behind when making coconut oil

चाँद -- moon

चन्दन -- sandalwood

चाना -- chick peas

चप्पल -- slipper

चढ़ावे -- make a religious offering

चरपाई -- bed

चीनी -- sugar

chela -- student

chhalni -- sieve

chimta -- tongs

chokha -- traditional dish of Bihar; generally a seasoned mashed/ground vegetable (aloo, coconuchotah pancake

chowki -- implement used in conjunction with the belna to roll rotis

chul chul -- restless, bad behaved child

chulha -- fireside

chunkay -- seasoning foods with garlic and jeera fried in oil

churile -- Spirit of a woman usually

churki -- single lock of hair in the middle of the head which is kept when the entire head is shavchutka junior relative

चटनी -- condiment

कुल्ली -- day wage labourer/ porter

कोढ़ी -- lazy

चुस्ती -- game of quickness, dexterity

dabit -- brother in law

daboo -- ladle

दादा -- big brother

दही -- yogurt

दक्षिना -- offering to Brahmins

दाल -- split peas

दालपुड़ी -- bread filled with ground dal

dantal -- musical instrument – music is created when a horseshoe shape metal comes in contact dar offering of milk

डरपोक -- coward

दारू -- alcohol

दतवन -- twig toothbrush

देखो -- look

देवर -- husband’s younger brother

धनिया -- cilantro/ coriander seasoning

धन्यवाद -- thank you

धर्म -- duty

धूप -- pine wood used during a puja

धोती -- Indian men’s wear loosely wrapped around the lower half of the body Didi older sister

दिन -- day

दिवली -- Hindu festival

दिया -- earthen oil lamp

दोगला/दुगला -- half-caste

दोस्ती रोटी -- two rotis rolled out and cooked together

दूध -- milk

दूध पिट्टी -- porridge made from leftover roti and milk

dulahin -- bride

dular -- a spoiled child is said to have dular

dulhan/ dulaha -- groom

e -- it

eid -- Muslim festival

gaff -- chat

galihaar -- necklace

gana -- song

ganda -- bad

garam masala -- mix of spices

गाड़ी -- car

गारी/गाली -- abusing words

गीत -- song

गेंदा -- marigold

घर -- house

घाट -- bathing/washing area over a body of water ghee clarified butter

ghotay -- repeat over and over

ghotni -- swizzle stick normally used to cook dal

गोबर -- cowdung

ग्रह -- period of bad luck/ planetary alignments are unsuitable gujiya deep fried pastry stuffed with sweet shredded coconut gunghroo anklet of metallic bells

गुरमुसहा -- a person who doesn’t speak much

जिमखाना -- gymnasium

haat -- hand

Habar dhabar -- quickly

halaal -- food and drink permitted by Islamic law

halwa -- sweet dessert

haram -- food and drink not permitted by Islamic law harmonium key based musical instrument frequently used with dholak hathi elephant

hawan -- kund vessel in which fire offering to the Gods are made jaata stick

jai mala -- garland of flowers used during Indian weddings jamoon purple fruit

janam -- birth

janam janam -- birth after birth (reincarnation)

जनमाष्टमी -- Lord Krishna’s birthday

जनमदिन -- birthday

झारे -- Use of a pointer broom to ward off bad-eye jhajh ship

जहाजी भाई -- ship brother

झलका -- welt caused by a burn

झंडी -- flag

झंझट -- troubles

jhankelar --

झाड़ा -- broom

झारे -- to remove the evil eye using a pointer from a broom jhingi gourd vegetable

झुमका -- type of earring with a bell shaped bottom jigjhoray/jhakjhorna to shake violently

जिलेबी -- deep fried mixture of flour, sugar, milk

जीरा -- cumin-masala

जोड़ा जाम -- pink or yellow men’s wedding wear

झुनझुनी -- A cramp in your leg or arm from being in the same position too long

जूता -- shoes

जूठा -- food that had already been eaten/touched by someone else kachori savoury snack

काजल -- eyeliner

काला -- black

kalballai --

काली -- Dark-skinned female goddess character by her necklace of skulls kangala wretched

कंगन / कक्कन -- protection worn by bride/groom before marriage; it is removed on the day after the we(kakkan is Bhojpuri, kangan is Hindi) kani woman with a problematic eye

kanta -- fake

कन्यादान -- bride

कपड़े -- clothing

कराही -- rounded cooking pot

करैला -- bitter melon

karhi pholorie -- cooked in sour yogurt gravy

कर्म -- law of cause/effect

कटहर -- jackfruit

कथा -- story

कीड़ा -- white mouth

खाजा -- edible sweet white growth in an over mature dried coconut kheer sweet rice

कीर्तन -- group of bhajan singers using the call and response format kitab book

खिचड़ी -- dish of rice and dal usually eaten on Saturdays

खूबे -- bellyful

कोढ़ी -- lazy

कुल -- family

kulachan/ kulakshan -- bothersome

कुर्ता -- Indian wear for the upper half of the body

लबर लबर करना (लबलब) -- anyhow/ carelessly

labara -- liar

लंगड़ा -- person who walks with a limp

lapsi -- sweetmeat normally prepared at the bith of a child using a special masala larka boy

लड़की -- girl

लाठी -- stick

लावा -- puffed rice

लोढ़ा सील -- grinding implements used together to make seasoning pastes and chokha lota drinking vessel

lukhni -- woman who accompanies bride to her husband’s house after the wedding lungayra

majee -- Muslim priest

मक्खी चूस -- miser

माला -- garland

माली -- flowers in a woman’s hair (Tamil)

मामू/मामी -- Mother’s brother/ Mother’s brother’s wife

मंदिर -- Hindu temple

mangeena -- item used to wash dishes; often made of coconut husk Mangrela fenugreek-masala

मांजे -- bartan wash dishes

मंत्र -- words of prayer believed to have special powers when recited maro nuptial canopy (Hindi-mandap)

मसाला -- mix of spices

मसजिद -- mosque

माटीकोड़ -- Prayers to Mother Earth (matti-Earth, kor-dig) matya

मौसा -- father’s sister’s husband

मौसी -- father’s sister

मेला -- fair

मिलाओ -- meet

मिठाई -- sweets

मोहनभोग प्रसादम -- food offering to the Gods

मउर / मौर -- dulhan’s headdress

मूड़न -- one of the Hindu samskars performed a few months after a baby is born murgatani mulligatani; hot soup of meat and vegetables murti image or representation of a God

ना -- no

नारा -- stomach pain

नागिन -- snake

नाना/नानी -- Maternal grandfather/grandmother

नेवता -- wedding invitation

नवरात्रि -- nine night Hindu festival ddedicated to the Godesses neechay down

नीम -- tree the leaves of which has various medicinal qualities nenwah gourd vegetable

oh fo -- uh-oh

ओढ़नी -- head scarf

ouchay -- a ritual using garlic and prayer to remove the evil-eye/bad eye paag the syrupy mixture of sugar and water used to coat mithai pagla/pagli crazy

पगड़ी -- man’s headwear/ turban

पैसे -- money

pakkan --

पानी -- water

parahar -- loose/non sticky (as in perfectly cooked rice) paratha roti

पचौनी -- organs and intestines of a goat/sheep finely cut and bunjal patkay (pahat ke)/ paat diya beat brutally

पीछे -- behind

पीढ़ा -- stool

पेड़ा -- Indian sweet made of milk and sugar

फगुआ -- Holi

फूल -- flower

pilaf/ pelau -- rice dish containing beans and spices

पित्रि पक्ष् -- time dedicated to worship of ancestors

polouri -- deep fried snack made of dal flour

फूहर -- careless/ sloppy

पुजारी -- priest

फुंकनी -- a hollow pipe used to blow air to start a fire

प्रनाम -- greeting

परसाद -- food that is first offered to God

पूजा -- Hindu religious ceremony

प्ंडित -- Hindu priest

फुफ्फू (फुआ)/फुफ्फा -- Father’s sister/ Father’s sister’s husband

पूड़ी -- fried bread

रात -- night

राखी -- (from the fire side) ash used to mangay pots

रक्षा बन्धन -- celebration of the bond between siblings; raksha-sacred thread, bandan-bond ram ram Hindu greeting in praise of Ram

roat -- A fried bread offered to Hanuman during puja

रोटी -- Indian bread

रुमाल -- headwear (madras)

साने -- mix and eat food with hands

साबुन (sabhund) -- soap

सादा रोटी -- plain roti

सहेली -- female friend

साइबाला/सरबाला -- From the days of arranged child marriages a brother or cousin of the bridegroom woul

बरात -- over far distances in case something happened to the groom he would then becoculture changed and couples got married at a more mature age the tradition was still mgroom was accompanied by a saiballa,a little boy dressed similar to the groom.

सैजन -- drumsticks (vegetable)

sakchul --

sal sev -- chicken foot; fried snack made of ground dal dough thinly sliced and fried samdhi father in law of a person’s daughter/son

समधिन -- mother in law of a person’s daughter/son

सनातन धर्म -- The duty of Hindus to uphold their culture

साने -- mix food (dhal and rice) eat with your hands

संगीत -- song

sapi -- long cloth potholder

सपना -- dream

सारंगी -- musical instrument like flute

साड़ी -- women’s wear consisting of yards of cloth elegantly wrapped around the body saro bhai brother in law (Hindi Equivalent sala can be an insult) sasur/ sasural -- in laws

सीढ़ी -- step

सेम -- running bean

शाबाश -- very good

सलवार -- women’s wear consisting of loose trousers and a long tunic shivraatri Night of Shiva; Hindus celebrate Lod Shiva’s birthday sindoor red powder applied to the mang and forehead ofa woman to signify she’s married sirni sweetmeat similar to mohanbhog, primarily made by Muslims suhar pig

सुनो -- listen

सूरज -- sun

सुरवा -- gravy from the curry

सुसके -- cry

सूसू -- urinate

तान -- music

ताबीज -- talisman to protect against evil

तबला -- drums

ताड़ी -- (thali) brass plate

तरकारी -- vegetables (same as bhagi)

तारू -- roof of the mouth

tassa -- kind of drum

तावा -- circular utensil on which roti is cooked

theatar -- stubborn

टिक्का -- dot placed to ward off the evil eye

तीरथ/कार्तिक -- Hindu festival where worship is done at sea

तुलसी -- plant from the basil family; has religious significance to Hindus turmeric haldi/dye

ऊपर् -- up

उठो -- get up

यहाँ -- here

जग्य -- sacrifice/sacrificial ritual

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