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हिन्दी-अंग्रेजी शब्दकोश के मुखपृष्ठ पर चलें

  • ह ha -- the last and the thirty-third letter of the Devanagari alphabet, aspirated in sound.
  • हँकवा hākwa: -- (nm) in lion-hunt, the process of driving the lion towards the hunter's station by uproarious beating of drums, cans, etc.
  • हँकार hāka:r -- (nf) a halloo, calling aloud; hence हँकारना (v).
  • हंगामा haṅga:mā: -- (nm) uproar, tumult; upheaval, affray, riotous scene.
हंगामापसंद -- one who likes tumultuousness/riotousness/upheaval; hence हंगामापसंदी (nf).
  • हंगामी haṅga:mi: -- (a) tumultuous, uproarious, boisterous, noisy; emergent (as हंगामी इजलास).
  • हंटर haṉṭar -- (nm) a whip, flog, lash.
हंटर जमाना/लगाना -- to flog, to lash.
  • हँडना hāḍnā: -- (v) to ramble, to wander, to roam about aimlessly.
  • हंडा haṉḍa: -- (nm) a huge brass pot (for storing water etc.), cauldron; a big gas lantern.
  • हँड़िडिया haṛiḍiya: -- (nf) a small earthen pot.
  • हंत hant -- (int) an interjectional word for expressing sorrow, regret, grief, etc.
  • हंतव्य hantavy -- (a) worth killing/slaying, fit to be killed.
  • हंता hanta: -- (nm) a slayer, murderer.
  • हंस hans -- (nm) a swan, goose; noble/liberated soul; the sun.
हंसगति -- gifted with a swan-like gait, walking gracefully.
हंसगमन -- graceful gait as that of a swan.
हंसगामिनी -- (a woman) blessed with a graceful (swan-like) gait.
हंसपंक्ति -- see हंसमाला.
हंसपद -- a script-mark to denote interposition of a word, letter or a symbol in intervening space.
हंसमाला -- arow of swans.
हंसयान/वाहन -- the god Brahmā: (supposed to have.
  • हँसना hāsnā: -- (v) to laugh; to deride, to ridicule; to joke.
हँसता चेहरा -- happy face.
हँसकर चुप कर देना -- to laugh down.
हँसकर टाल देना/बातउड़ाना -- to laugh away.
हँसते-बोलते -- while joking, in jokes.
हँसते-हँसते -- while laughing; happily; laughingnon-stop; with perfect ease, without any difficulty.
हँसते-हँसते झेलना -- to grin and bear it, to take(pain etc.) stoically.
हँसते-हँसते दोहरा होजाना/पेट में बल पड़ जाना -- to laughinto cramps.
हँसते-हँसते लोट-पोट हो जाना -- to burst sides with laughing, to burst into an uncontrollablefit of laughter.
हँस देना -- just tolaugh; to begin laughing.
हँसना-बोलना -- to exchange pleasantries; to exchange jokes; to talk happily.
हँसने लायक -- worth laughing at, fit to be derided/ridiculed; laughable, amusing.
हँस पड़ना -- tolaugh, just to laugh, to beginlaughing.
हँस-बोलकर बसर कर देना -- to pass time/live happily.
  • हँसमुख hāsmukh -- (a) gay, cheerful, having a smiling face.
  • हँसली hāsli: -- (nf) the collar-bone; an ornament worn around theneck.
  • हँसाई hāsa:i: -- (nf) derision, ridicule.
हँसाई कराना -- to cause derision/ridicule.
  • हँसाना hāsa:nā: -- (v) to cause to laugh, to amuse.
  • हंसिनी hansinī: -- (nf) a female swan/goose.
  • हँसिया hāsiya: -- (nm) a sickle.
  • हँसी hāsi: -- (nf) laughter; joke; derision, ridicule.
हँसी-खुशी -- happily; happiness.
हँसी-खेल -- an easy job; fun, fun and frolic.
हँसी-खेल समझना -- totake lightly/as a fun; to think tobe easy.
हँसी-ठट्ठा -- an easy job; joking and jesting.
हँसी-ठिठोली -- jokingand jesting.
हँसी उड़ना -- to be madefun of, to be ridiculed/derided.
हँसी उड़ाना -- to make fun of, toridicule/deride.
हँसी छूटना -- to burstinto laughter.
हँसी जब्त कर लेना -- tosuppress/restrain laughter.
हँसी-की बात -- a laughing matter.
हँसी में उड़ाना/उड़ा देना -- to laugh away/off.
हँसी मेंटालना -- to laugh away.
हँसी में फूल झड़ना -- to laugh charmingly.
हँसी में ले जाना -- to take as a joke/fun; to take aserious matter as a joke.
हँसी समझना -- to treat as an easy job/as ajoke.
हँसी सूझना -- to feel like joking.
  • हँसुली hāsuli: -- (nf) see हँसली.
  • हँसोड़ hāsoṛ -- (a) jolly, humorous; (nm) jester; hence हँसोड़पन (nm).
  • हक hak -- (a) stunned, still; (nm) palpitation.
हक होना -- to be stunned; to become still; to die.
  • हक़ haq -- (nm) right; entitlement; due; return (as नमक का हक़ अदाकरना); truth, reality.
हक़तलफ़ी -- usurpation, depriving somebody ofhis right.
हक़दार -- rightful, entitled; one who has a right.
हक़दारी -- right, entitlement.
हक़-नाहक़ -- rightand wrong, rightful and wrongful; wrongfully.
हक़परस्त -- righteous.
हक़परस्ती -- righteousness.
हक़-, मौरूसी -- ancestral right.
हक़शफ़ा (शुफ़ा) () -- pre-emption.
हक़ अदा करना -- to performone's duty.
हक़ के लिए/हक़-पर लड़ना -- tofight for one's right.
हक़ मारना -- todeprive of one's due; to usurpone's right.
हक़ में -- in respect of; for.
हक़ काँटे बोना -- to do an evil turn to; to create obstacles (for).
  • हकबकाना hakbaka:nā: -- (v) to be.
  • हकला hakla: -- (a and nm) stammering; one who stammers, a stammerer.
हकलापन -- stammer/stammering.
हकलाहट -- stammer/stammering.
  • हकलाना hakla:nā: -- (v) to stammer.
  • हका/र haka:r -- (nm) the letter 'ह' and its sound.
हकारांत -- (a word) endingin ह्.
  • हक़ारत haqa:rat -- (nf) contempt.
हक़ारत की नज़र/निगाह से देखना -- to treat with contempt/disdain.
  • हक़ीक़त haqi:qat -- (nf) reality, fact; truth.
हक़ीक़तबयानी -- statement of truth.
हक़ीक़त खुल जाना -- the truth to be revealed, to be exposed.
हक़ीक़त में -- in reality, really speaking.
  • हक़ीक़तन haqi:qatan: -- (ind) in fact, in reality.
  • हक़ीक़ी haqi:qi: -- (a) real (as हक़ीक़ी-भाई); true; denotative (as हक़ीक़ी अर्थ).
  • हकीम haki:m -- (nm) a physician (trained in the Unani system).
हकीम ख़तर-एहकीम-जान, नीम -- a little knowledgeis a dangerous thing.
  • हकीमी haki:mī: -- (nf) medical practice (through the Unani system); the Unani System of medicine.
  • हक़ीर haqi:r -- (a) contemptuous; small.
  • हक्का-बक्का hakka:bakka: -- (a) stunned, stupefied.
हक्का-बक्का रह जाना -- to be taken aback, to be discomfited.
  • हगना hagnā: -- (v) to discharge faeces.
  • हगाना haga:nā: -- (v) to cause to discharge faeces; to weary out.
  • हगास haga:s -- (nf) a feeling like discharging faeces, inclination toevacuate the bowels.
हगास लगना -- tofeel like discharging faeces.
  • हज haj -- (nm) a pilgrimage to Mecca.
हज करना -- to go on a pilgrimage to Mecca.
  • हज़म hazam -- (a) digested; usurped.
हज़म करना -- to digest; to usurp, tomisappropriate.
हज़म करके डकार तक नलेना -- to usurp without leaving atrace.
हज़म होना -- to be assimilated; tobe usurped/misappropriated.
  • हज़रत hazrat -- (int) a vocative term of honour, Sir; (nm) a title foreminent men; prophet Mohammed; (a) mischievous, cunning.
हज़रते-दाग़ -- a capricious man.
  • हजामत haja:mat -- (nf) shaving; hair-cutting.
हजामत बनना -- to be shaven; to be fleeced.
हजामत बनाना -- to shave; to fleece.
  • हज़ार haza:r -- (a) one thousand; innumerable; (nm) the numberone thousand.
हज़ारहा -- thousands; innumerable.
हज़ार जान से -- whole-heartedly.
  • हज़ारा haza:ra: -- (nm) a water-sprinkler, watering can.
  • हज़ारी haza:ri: -- (a) of, pertaining to or related with a thousand; controlling a thousand (troops etc.).
  • हज़ारों haza:rō -- (a) thousands.
हज़ारों घड़े पानी पड़ जाना -- to be immenselyashamed.
हज़ारों में -- publicly; in a multitude, amongst thousands.
हज़ारों एक -- one in a thousand, of incomparable excellence.
  • हजूम haju:m -- (nm) a crowd, multitude.
  • हजूर haju:r -- (ind) see हुजूर.
  • हज्जाम hajja:m -- (nm) a barber.
  • हटकना haṭaknā: -- (v) to restrain, to forbid; to keep under control.
  • हटना haṭnā: -- (v) to move/go away; to recede; to withdraw; hence हटाना.
  • हटरी haṭari: -- (nf) an earthen temple-like structure for lighting lamps in (on the occasion ofDiwali).
  • हटाव haṭa:v -- (nm) shift, extent of change of position.
  • हट्टा-कट्टा haṭṭa:-kaṭṭa: -- (a) strong and sturdy, well-built; hale and hearty; hence हट्टा-कट्टापन (nm).
  • हठ haṭḥ -- (nm) obstinacy, stubbornness.
हठधर्मी -- intransigence.
हठयोग -- a type of Yoga.
हठयोगी -- one whopractices हठयोग.
हठशील -- obstinate, stubborn; hence हठशीलता (nf).
हठ करना/ठानना/पकड़ना -- to stubbornlystick to some resolve; to becomeobstinate.
हठ रखना -- to yield or submit to one's obstinate demand.
  • हठात् haṭḥa:t -- (ind) forcibly; suddenly, all of a sudden.
  • हठी haṭḥi: -- (a) obstinate, stubborn.
  • हठीला haṭḥi:la: -- (a) refractory; of obstinate disposition, temperamentally stubborn.
हठीलापन -- refractoriness; hence हठीली feminineform of हठीला.
  • हड़ haṛ -- (nf) myrobalan:—an allomorph of हाड़ used as the first member of certain compoundwords.
हड़कंप -- turmoil, panic; terror.
हड़कंप मचना -- a great turmoil tooccur, reign of terror to ensue.
हड़फूटन -- see हड़कन.
  • हड़क haṛak -- (nf) hydrophobia, rabies; longing, yearning.
  • हड़कन haṛkan -- (nf) pain in the joints (of the body), lingeringache.
  • हड़कना haṛaknā: -- (v) to yearn, to long.
  • हड़का/ना haṛka:nā: -- (v) to turn rabid.
हड़काया -- rabid.
हड़काया कुत्ता -- a rabid dog.
  • हड़ता/ल haṛta:l -- (nf) strike.
हड़ताल करनी -- to strike.
हड़ताली -- a striker.
  • हड़ना haṛnā: -- (v) to cause aversion, to repel, to be repugnant; tobecome torturous; to be troublesome.
  • हड़पना haṛapnā: -- (v) to swallow, to gulp; to purloin; to usurp.
  • हड़बड़ haṛbaṛ -- (nf) see हड़बड़ी.
  • हड़बड़ाना haṛbaṛa:nā: -- (v) to be impetuous; to act hastily/in ahurry; to be non-plussed/confused/perplexed.
  • हड़बड़िया haṛbaṛia: -- (a) impetuous, hasty, rash.
  • हड़बड़ी haṛbaṛi: -- (nf) impetuosity, hastiness, rashness.
हड़बड़ी पड़ना -- to beimpetuous/hasty/rash.
हड़बड़ी सवार होना -- to be obsessed by haste, to actrashly.
  • हड्‍डी haḍḍi: -- (nf) a bone.
हड्‍डीतोड़ परिश्रम -- rigorous/hard labour.
हड्‍डी उतरना -- a bone to be dislocated.
हड्‍डी खुजाना -- to feel like being thrashed, a beating to be imminent.
हड्डियाँ लोहे की होना -- to have bonesof steel, to be very strong.
हड्डियाँ तोड़ना -- to thrash thoroughly.
हड्डियाँ दिखाई देना या निकल आना -- to be reduced to a network ofmere bones, to be too muchreduced.
हड्‍डी-पसली एक करना/तोड़ना -- to thrash thoroughly.
  • हत hat -- (a) killed; struck.
हतचेत -- rendered unconscious, senseless.
हतज्ञान -- see हतचेत.
हतदैव -- ill-fated, unlucky.
हतबुद्धि -- rendered senseless/witless, stupid.
हतप्रभ -- out ofwits; non-plussed.
हतप्राय -- almostkilled.
हतबल -- that has lost itsvitality/vigour.
हतभाग्य/भागा/भागी -- unfortunate, luckless.
हतमान -- humiliated, insulted.
हतवीर्य -- bereft of gallantry/bravery.
हतसंज्ञ -- unconscious, rendered senseless.
हतहृदय -- dejected, frustrated.
  • हतक hatak -- (nf) insult; defamation.
हतक इज़्ज़त -- defamation.
  • हता/श hata:sh -- (a) despondent, hopeless.
हताशा -- despondency, dejection.
  • हताहत hata:hat -- (a) casualties, killed and wounded.
  • हतोत्साह hatotsa:h -- (a) demoralised, disheartened.
  • हत्था hattha: -- (nm) a handle; hand; butt, batten; arm (of a chair).
  • हत्थमहत्या hatthamhattha: -- (nf) hand to hand fight(ing).
  • हत्थी hatthi: -- (nf) a handle; palm (of the hand).
हत्थी टेकना -- to yield, tosubmit; to lend support.
  • ह/त्थे hatthe -- (ind) in hand.
हत्थेदार -- fitted with/having a handle.
हत्थे चढ़ना/पड़ना -- to fall into theclutches (of).
हत्थे पर से कटना -- to beswept off completely, to lose everyinch of one's ground, to be leftwith no footing at all.
हत्थे लगना -- to obtain; to acquire.
  • हत्या hatya: -- (nf) murder, assassination.
हत्याकांड -- a case of murder/assassination.
हत्या टलना -- a botheration/affliction to be put off; a bully to be got rid of.
हत्या पल्ले बाँधना -- to involve oneself in a broil/quarrel; to own up a botheration/an affliction.
हत्या मोल लेना -- see हत्या पल्ले बाँधना.
हत्या-पड़ना/हत्या-लगना -- to earn thesin of a murder.
हत्या सवार होना -- tobe roused to the point of readiness to kill; to be violently enraged.
हत्या सिर मढ़ना -- to level an accusation; to impose an affliction/botheration.
हत्या सिर लेना -- see हत्या पल्ले बाँधना; to commit a sin.
  • हत्या/रा hatya:ra: -- (nm) a murderer, an assassin; hence हत्यारिन, हत्यारी( nf).
  • हथ hath -- an allomorph of हाथ (as in हथकड़ी) and हाथी (as in हथसार) as it appears in many compound words.
हथउधार -- unrecoredshort-term cash loan.
हथकंडा -- sleight; trick, tactics; intrigue.
हथकंडे दिखाना -- to show one's tricks; to give evidence of tacticalcapabilities.
हथकटा -- having ahand dismembered.
हथकड़ी -- handcuffs.
हथकड़ी डालना -- to handcuff; to arrest.
हथकड़ी पड़ना -- to be handcuffed; to be arrested.
हथकल -- aspanner.
हथगोला -- a hand-grenade.
हथचल -- an adept in pinching things, a swindler.
हथछुट -- in the habit ofstriking forthwith out of provocation.
हथफेर -- see हथउधार.
हथबना -- hand made.
हथबुना -- hand-spun.
हथलपक -- one who pinches things, aswindler.
हथलिखाई -- hand-writing; hand-lettered.
  • हथनाल hathnā:l -- (nf) a light cannon.
  • हथसार hathsa:r -- (nf) a stable for elephants.
  • हथिनी hathinī: -- (nf) (fem. form of हाथी) a she-elephant.
  • हथियाना hathiya:na: -- (v) to usurp, to grab, to seize, to acquire byforce.
  • हथियार hathiya:r -- (nm) a weapon, arms.
हथियारघर -- an arsenal, armoury.
हथियारबंद -- armed, equipped witharms.
हथियारबंदी -- armament.
हथियार उठाना -- totake up arms.
हथियार डालना -- to strikeone's colours/flags, to surrender.
हथियार बाँधना -- to equip oneself witharms, to be armed.
  • हथेली hatheli: -- (nf) palm of the hand.
हथेली खुजाना/खुजलाना -- lit. palmto itch—a happy augury for anincome; an inkling for inflictinga beating.
हथेली देना/लगाना -- to lendsupport.
हथेली पर जान/सिर रखना यालिये फिरना -- to risk one's life.
हथेली पर जान होना -- to be exposed to risk oflife.
हथेली पर दही जमाना -- to strive forinstant accomplishment of a job.
हथेली पर सिर रखना -- to undertake a riskof life, to expose one's life todanger.
हथेली पर सरसों जमाना -- toaccomplish a task within an impossible.
  • हथौटी hathauṭi: -- (nf) manual dexterity/skill; imprint of a skilful hand.
हथौटी जमना/सधना -- to acquire skillin a manual work.
  • हथौड़ा hathauṛa: -- (nm) a hammer, malleus.
हथौड़ा चलाना -- to strike with ahammer; hence हथौड़ी—a hand/small hammer.
  • हद had -- (nf) limit/limitation, boundary; extent.
हदबंदी -- delimitation; demarcation.
हद-कर देना/करना -- tocommit an excess; to reach thefarthest limit.
हद-पार करना -- to crossthe limit.
हद बाँधना -- to draw theline at, to set a definite limit.
हद से गुज़रना -- to cross the limit.
हद से ज़्यादा -- beyond the limit; too much; to a fault.
हद खुल जाना -- to takeliberties/freedom with.
  • हदीस hadi:s -- (nf) traditional sayings of prophet Mohammed.
  • हनन hanān -- (nm) slaughter, killing, assassination, murder.
  • हन/ना hananā: -- (v) to kill, to slay, to slaughter, to assassinate; hence हननीय (a).
  • हनु hanu -- (nf) the chin, jaw-bone.
हनुमान/मंत -- the monkey god whowas one of the mightiest generalsin the army of Ra:m that invaded Ra:vāṉ's Laṅka: (as narratedin the great epic Ra:ma:yāṉ).
  • हप hap -- (nf) the sound produced in striking the two lips together.
हप कर जाना/करना -- to gulp/swallowthe whole thing.
  • ह/फ़्ता hafta: -- (nm) a week.
हफ़्तेवार/हफ्तेवारी -- weekly.
  • ह/ब्शी habshi: -- (nm) a negro; hence हब्शिन (nf).
  • हबीब habi:b -- (a) dear, darling.
  • हम ham -- (pro) we—plural form of the first person pronoun मैं; (a) similar; equal; together.
हमउम्र -- contemporary; of equal age.
हमख्याल -- having similar views/ideas.
हमजिंस -- co-professional.
हमजुल्फ़ -- married to sisters; husband of wife's sisters.
हमजोली -- associate or companion, of thesame age group.
हमदम -- a friend.
हमदर्द -- sympathetic; a sympathizer.
हमदर्दी -- sympathy.
हमनाम -- name-sake.
हमपेशा -- co-professional.
हमबिस्तर -- sharing bed (with); sexually related.
हमबिस्तरी -- going tobed together, having sexual intercourse.
हममज़हब -- a co religionist.
हमराज़ -- a confidant.
हमराह -- travelling together.
हमराही -- a co traveller.
हमवतन -- a compatriot.
हमवार -- even.
हमशक्ल -- having similar looks/appearance, exactly resembling(each other).
हमसफ़र -- a co-traveller, travelling together.
हमसर -- equal.
हमसरी -- equality.
हमसाया -- aneighbour.
हमसिन -- see हमउम्र.
  • हमल hamal -- (nm) conception, pregnancy.
हमल गिराना -- to cause an abortion.
हमल रहना -- to conceive, to become pregnant.
  • हमला hamla: -- (nm) attack, assault.
हमलावर -- an invader, an assailant, aggressor.
हमला बोलना -- to launch an attack.
  • हमारा hama:ra: -- (pro) possessive form of हम—our, ours.
  • हमाहमी hamā:hamī: -- (nf) manipulation for selfish ends, mad race for self-gratification.
हमाहमी करना -- to manipulate for selfish ends, to indulge in a mad race for self-gratification.
  • हमें hamē -- (pro) the objective and dative form of the first person plural pronoun हम—to us.
  • हमेल hamel -- (nf) a typical necklace of gold and silver coins.
  • हमेशा hamesha: -- (ind) always, ever.
  • हम्माम hammā:m -- (nm) a warm bath, bagnio.
  • हम्माल hamma:l -- (nm) a porter, coolie.
  • हयंद hayand -- (nm) horse (of a good breed).
  • हय hay -- (nm) a horse.
हयशाला -- a stable.
  • हया haya: -- (nf) shame, sense of shame; modesty.
हयादार -- modest.
हयादारी -- modesty.
  • हयात haya:t -- (nf) life.
  • हर har -- (a) each, every; (nm) a denominator; Lord Shiv; a suffix imparting the meaning of one who or that which takes away/deprives/seizes.
हर एक -- everyone, each and every.
हर कहीं -- everywhere.
हर कोई -- every one all and sundry.
हरचंद -- however much.
हरजाई -- flirt, disloyal (woman).
हर तरह -- in every way/manner.
हर तरह से -- down to the ground, in all respects, thoroughly.
हरदम -- always, ever.
हरदिल अज़ीज़ -- liked/loved by all, popular.
हरफ़नमौला -- a jack of all trades.
हरफ़नमौला हर फ़न अधूरा -- jack of all trades master of none.
हर मर्ज़ की दवा -- heal-all, a panacea.
हर रोज़ -- every day, daily.
  • हरकत harkat -- (nf) movement, activity; mischief.
हरकत करना -- to (make a) move.
हरकत-में लाना -- to make things hum, to activate things.
  • हरकारा harka:ra: -- (nm) a courier; dak-runner.
  • हरगिज़ hargiz -- (ind) ever, under any circumstances.
हरगिज़-नहीं -- never, underno circumstances.
  • हरचद harchand -- (ind) all possible, in every way; to the farthestextent.
  • हरज haraj -- (nm) see हर्ज़ (हर्ज़).
  • हरजा harja: -- (nm) see हर्ज़ा.
  • हरजाना harja:nā: -- (nm) see हर्ज़ाना.
  • हरड़ haraṛ -- (nf) myrobalan.
  • हर/ण harāṉ -- (nm) kidnapping, abduction, forcible carrying away, seizing; as a suffix it imparts themeaning of one who or thatwhich carries away, seizes ortakes by force, rids, etc.
हरणीय -- fit to be kidnapped/abducted/taken away by force.
  • हरताल harta:l -- (nf) yellow orpiment.
हरताल फेरना -- to undo, to efface.
  • हरदा harda: -- (nm) yellow rust.
  • हरना harnā: -- (v) to kidnap, to abduct, to carry away by force, to seize.
  • हरबा harba: -- (nm) arms, tools.
हरबा-हथियार -- arms and ammunition.
हरबा-हथियार से लैस होना -- to be equipped with arms and ammunition.
  • हरम haram -- (nm) a harem, female apartment.
हरमसरा -- a harem.
  • हरमज़दगी haramzadgi -- (nf) bastardy, rascality, scoundrelism.
  • हरसाना harsa:nā: -- (v) to be happy/pleased/amused.
  • हरसिंगार harsiṅga:r -- (nm) a particular sweet-smelling flower and its plant.
  • हरहा harha: -- (nm) a plough-bull; (a) troublous (animal).
  • हरा hara: -- (a) green, verdant; fresh; gay, delighted.
हरापन -- greenness; verdancy; hence हरी (fem.form).
हरापन खाद -- green manure.
हरा-भरा -- verdant; prosperous, flourishing; gay.
हरा करना, (मन) -- to delight.
हरा होना, -- .
  • हराना hara:nā: -- (v) to defeat, to vanquish.
  • हराम hara:m -- (a) ill-begotten; unlawful, forbidden; improper.
हरामकार -- lewd, debauch; hence हरामकारी (nf).
हरामख़ोर -- subsisting on ill-begottenresources or on others' earnings; slothful, basely indolent.
हरामख़ोरी -- subsistence on ill-begotten resources; slothfulness, base indolence.
हरामज़ादा -- ill-begotten; bastard; rascal, scoundrel; hence हरामज़ादी.
हरामज़ादापन -- see हरमज़दगी.
हराम कर देना -- to make (things) difficult/impossible.
हराम का -- ill begotten.
हराम का खाना -- to subsist on ill-begotten resources or on others' earnings.
हराम कापेट -- ill-begotten pregnancy.
हराम कामाल -- illegitimate earnings.
हराम की कमाई -- ill-begotten earnings/money.
हराम होना -- to be difficult/impossible.
  • हरामी hara:mī: -- (a) ill-begotten, illegitimate; unscrupulous; doingjust nothing, utterly indolent; (nm) a bastard, rascal, scoundrel.
हरामीपन/पना -- illegitimacy; unscrupulousness; utter indolence.
हरामी का पिल्ला/बच्चा -- son of a bastard/scoundrel.
  • हरारत hara:rat -- (nf) temperature; feverishness.
हरारत होना -- to be feverish, to have slight temperature.
  • हरावल hara:wal -- (nm) vanguard.
हरावल दस्ता -- vanguard.
  • हरि hari -- (nm) Lord Vishṉū/Krishṉā.
हरि इच्छा -- the will of God.
हरि बलवान -- inevitable is the will of God.
हरि-कथा -- the tales of God's incarnations and activities.
हरि-कीर्तन -- individual or collective singing of theeulogies of हरि.
हरितालिका -- thethird day of the bright fortnightof the month of भादों when womenobserve fast.
हरिधाम -- theheaven—abode of हरि.
हरिनाम -- name(s) of हरि.
हरिनाम स्मरण -- remembering the names of हरि.
हरि-भक्ति -- devotion to हरि.
हरि-मंदिर -- a temple of हरि.
हरिलीला -- the playful sportof हरि.
हरि-स्मरण -- remembering हरि.
हरि-हर -- Lords Vishṉū and Shiv.
  • हरिजन harijan -- (nm) an untouchable.
हरिजन उद्धार -- uplift of the harijans.
  • हरि/ण hariṉ -- (nm) a deer; hence हरिणी (nf).
  • हरित harit -- (a) green, verdant; delighted, gay.
  • हरिद्रा haridra: -- (nf) turmeric, curcuma.
  • हरियल hariyal -- (a) greenish; unripe (as a fruit).
  • हरियाना hariya:nā: -- (v) to turn green, to be full of verdure; tobe delighted; (nm) one of thenorthern. Hindi-speaking statesof the Union of India.
  • हरियाली hariya:li: -- (nf) greenery, verdure; vegetation.
हरियाली तीज -- thethird day of the latter half inthe month of भादों.
हरियाली छाना -- to beverdant all round.
हरियाली ही हरियाली दीखना -- to sense happiness all round.
  • हरीतिमा hari:timā: -- (nf) greenery, verdure, verdancy.
  • हरीरा hari:ra: -- (nm) a kind of sweet potage prepared from milk and other ingredients.
  • हरूफ़ haru:f -- (nm) a letter (of the alphabet).
  • हरे hare -- (int) O God !.
हरे कृष्ण -- O Krishṉā, ! O God !.
हरे राम -- O Ra:m, O God !.
  • हरेक harek -- (a) everyone, everybody.
  • हर्ज़, हर्ज़र्ज़ा harz, ~za: -- (nm) harm; loss, damage.
हर्ज़ करना -- to cause.
  • हर्ज़ाना harza:nā: -- (nm) damages, compensation, indemnity.
हर्ज़ाना देना/हर्ज़ाना-भरना -- to pay damages.
  • हर्ता harta: -- (nm) a kidnapper, abductor, one who carries away forcibly, usurper.
  • हर्फ़ harf -- (nm) a letter (of the alphabet).
हर्फ़-ब-हर्फ़ -- literal; letter by letter.
हर्फ़ आना -- to be accused/blamed.
हर्फ़-लाना -- to cause an accusation to be levelled or a blame to devolve on.
  • हर्म्य harmmy -- (nm) a palace, a palatial mansion.
  • हर्र harr -- (nf) myrobalan.
हर्र लगे न फिटकरी रंग चोखा आये -- to invest nothing, to gain everything.
  • हर्ष harsh -- (nm) joy, jubilation, mirth, delight, happiness.
हर्षकर/हर्षकारक -- exhilirating, causinghappiness/delight.
हर्षगद्गद् -- overwhelmed by joy, (with) voicechoked with joy.
हर्षध्वनि/नाद/स्वन -- cry of joy/jubilation.
हर्षविव्हल -- overwhelmed by joy.
  • हर्षातिरेक harsha:tirek -- (nm) ecstasy, rapture, excessive joy.
  • हर्षातिशय harsha:tishay -- (nm) see हर्षातिरेक.
  • हर्षाना harsha:nā: -- (v) to be full of joy, to be delighted.
  • हर्षित harshit -- (a) joyous, delighted, cheerful.
  • हर्षोत्फुल्ल harshotphull -- (a) full of joy, in a rapture.
  • हर्षोन्माद harshonmā:d -- (nm) ecstasy, rapture.
  • हलंत halant -- (a) (a word) ending in a consonant (and not a vowel).
  • हल hal -- (nm) a plough; solution.
हलजीवी -- a farmer/peasant.
हल करना -- to solve.
  • हलक़ halaq -- (nm) the throat; wind-pipe.
हलक़ तक करना -- to be full to thethroat.
हलक़ पर छुरी फेरना -- to cutsomebody's throat; to causeimmense loss.
हलक़ से नीचे उतरना -- tobe comprehensible (as बात); toappear reasonable.
  • हलका halka: -- (a) light; cheap (as हलका आदमी.
हलकी बात); -- thin (as कपड़ा); faint; (nm) a circle, area.
हलका अफ़सर -- a circle officer.
हलकापन -- lightness; cheapness; thinness.
हलका करना -- to insult, to cause humiliation.
हलका पड़ना -- to prove lesser.
हलका बनना/होना -- to be cheap; to bedisgraced.
हलका बाँधना -- to envelope/encircle; to fix an area (for worketc.).
  • हलकान halka:n -- (a) troubled, bothered; tired, fatigued.
  • हलकोर halkor -- (nf) a massive billow.
  • हलचल halchal -- (nf) commotion, hustle; agitation, movement.
हलचल मचना -- a commotion to be created.
हलचल होना -- movement to take place; commotion to be caused.
  • हलदिया haldia: -- (a) yellow; (nm) jaundice; a variety of big yellowish frog.
  • हलदी haldi: -- (nf) turmeric, curcuma.
हलदी के हाथ होना -- marriage to take place.
हलदी लगाकर बैठना -- to sit idle.
  • हलफ़ halaf -- (nm) an oath.
हलफ़दरोग़ी -- self-contradiction.
हलफ़नामा -- an affidavit.
हलफ़ उठाना -- to swear, to takean oath.
हलफ़ देना -- to give an oath.
हलफ़ लेना -- to take an oath.
  • हलफ़न halfan -- (adv) on oath.
  • हलफ़िया halfia: -- (a) see हलफ़ी.
  • हलफ़ी halfi: -- (a) (statement etc.) given on oath.
  • हलराना halra:nā: -- (v) to fondle, to.
  • हलवा halwa: -- (nm) a typical Indian pudding.
हलवासोहन -- a celebratedIndian sweetmeat; (अपने) हलवा-माँडे सेकाम होना to be worried onlyabout one's own bread andbutter.
  • हलवाई halwa:i: -- (nm) a sweetmeat manufacturer/seller, confectioner.
  • हलवाहा halwa:ha: -- (nm) a farmer, peasant.
  • हलहलाना halhala:nā: -- (v) to shake violently.
  • हलाक hala:k -- (a) slaughtered, slain.
हलाक करना -- to slaughter, to slay.
हलाक होना -- to be slaughtered, to be slain.
  • हलाल hala:l -- (a) legitimate; hard-earned, well-begotten; (nm) an animal slaughtered in accordancewith conventional prescription.
हलालख़ोर -- subsisting on scrupulousearnings/well-begotten earnings; a sweeper.
हलालख़ोरी -- subsistence onscrupulous earnings/well-begottenearnings.
हलाल करके खाना -- to subsiston hard-earned money.
हलाल करना -- toslaughter in the conventionallyprescribed manner; to do slowlyto death.
हलाल का -- legitimate; scrupulous, well-begotten.
हलाल को कसाई -- hard-earned income.
  • हलाहल hala:hal -- (nm) deadly poison.
  • हलुआ, हलुवा halua:, haluwa: -- (nm) see हलवा.
  • हलोर halor -- (nf) a heave; billow.
  • हलोरना halornā: -- (v) to cause turmoil/agitation (within a liquid by hand etc.); to winnow.
  • हल् hal -- (nm) a pure consonant; a symbol appended at the foot ofa letter to denote devowelizedconsonant (्).
  • हल्का halka: -- (a and nm) see हलका.
  • हल्दी haldi: -- (nf) see हलदी.
  • हल्ला halla: -- (nm) noise, uproar, tumult, tumultuous activity.
हल्ला-गुल्ला -- uproarious scene, tumultand uproar.
हल्ला बोलना -- to raid.
हल्ला मचाना -- to create a noise/uproar; to cause a tumultuous scene.
  • हवन hawan -- (nm) a fire sacrifice.
हवनकुंड -- a sacrificial pit.
  • हवलदा/र hawalda:r -- (nm) a havildar.
हवलदारी -- the job or office of a havildar.
  • हवस hawas -- (nf) lust, passion, passionate longing.
हवस निकालना -- tohave it out; a longing to be fulfilled.
हवस बुझना -- a passion to subside, longing to die out.
हवस होना -- tohave passion (for), to be lustful.
  • हवा hawa: -- (nf) air, wind, breeze.
हवाखोरी -- a stroll, walk.
हवाचक्की -- awind-mill.
हवादार -- airy; well-ventilated.
हवादारी -- ventilation.
हवा-पानी -- climate.
हवाबाज़ -- an airman; a tall-talker, braggadocio.
हवाबाज़ी -- airmanship; tall talk, bragging.
हवामार -- anti-aircraft.
हवामार तोप -- an anti-aircraft gun.
हवासह -- wind-proof.
हवा-सा -- very slight, flimsy.
हवा उखड़ना -- to suffer a set-back toone's reputation.
हवा उड़ना -- a rumour to be afloat; news to goround.
हवा उड़ाना -- to give currency toa rumour; to make a false propaganda.
हवा का गुज़र न होना -- to beinaccessible/impossible (for anyone or anybody) to pass through.
हवा का रुख़ जानना -- to know which waythe wind is blowing.
हवा का रुख दोखना -- to see which way the cat jumps, the cult of jumping cat; to have/keep an ear to the ground; to flya kite; to wait and watch; tomove according to the whirligigof time.
हवा का रुख बताना -- to forecast.
  • हवाई hawa:i: -- (a) aerial; false, imaginary.
हवाई अड्‍डा -- an aerodrome, airport.
हवाई करतब -- aerobatics.
हवाई क़िला/महल -- imaginary things, castle thatexists in the air.
हवाई क़िसे बनाना -- tobuild castles in the air.
हवाई ख़बर/बात -- a rumour.
हवाई छतरी -- a parachute, anair umbrella.
हवाई जहाज़ -- an aeroplane, aircraft.
हवाई डाक -- airmail.
हवाई धावा -- anair attack.
हवाई फ़ायर -- fire in the air.
हवाई मार्ग/रास्ता -- airways, air-passage.
हवाई मुठभेड़ -- aerial encounter.
हवाई यात्रा -- air journey.
हवाई युद्ध/लड़ाई -- air war-fare.
हवाई संरक्षण -- air umbrella.
हवाई हमला -- an air raid/attack.
हवाइयाँ उड़ना, चेहरे/मुँह पर -- the face to lose alllustre, to appear non-plussed.
  • हवाल hawa:l -- (nm) conditions; news.
  • हवा/ला hawa:la: -- (nm) a reference; trust, custody.
हवाला देना -- to citea reference.
हवाले करना -- to entrust, to hand over (to).
  • हवाला/त hawa:la:t -- (nf) lock-up, (police) custody.
हवालाती -- under(police) custody, in (police) lock-up.
हवालात की हवा खाना -- to be sent behind the bars.
  • हवाली-मवाली hawa:li:mawa:li: -- (nm) (in a derogatory sense) comrades and companions, rag-tag.
  • हवास hawa:s -- (nm) senses (used only as the second number in the compound होश-हवास).
  • हवि havi -- (nm) see हविष्य.
  • हविष्य havishy -- (a and nm) (oblations).
  • हवेली haweli: -- (nf) a (palatial) mansion.
  • हव्य havvy -- (a and nm) (fit to be offered as) oblation (to the sacrificial fire).
  • हशमत hashmat -- (nf) glory and grandeur; huge paraphernalia.
  • हशीश hashi:sh -- (nf) hashish (see भंग).
  • हश्र hashshr -- (nm) consequence, result; ultimate end.
  • हसद hasad -- (nm) jealousy, malice.
  • हसरत hasrat -- (nf) wistfulness, longing, craving; desire.
हसरतमंद -- having a longing/craving, desirous.
हसरत-भरा -- wistful, full of longings.
हसरत करना -- to long/crave for.
हसरत टपकना -- longing/craving to be manifest/apparent.
हसरत निकलना/पूरी होना -- alonging/craving to find its fulfilment.
हसरत निकालना -- to have it out; tosee one's longing/craving materialised.
हसरत बाक़ी रहना -- a longing/craving to remain unfulfilled.
  • हसीन hasi:n -- (a) beautiful, pretty; charming.
  • हस्त hast -- (nm) a hand; trunk of an elephant.
हस्त-कला -- handicraft.
हस्त-कार्य -- manual work.
हस्त-कौशल -- manualskill.
हस्तगत -- in hand, obtained, received.
हस्तमैथुन -- masturbation.
हस्त-रेखा -- the lines of one's palm(supposed to signify one's destiny).
हस्त-लाघव -- manual skill.
हस्तलिखित -- hand-written, in manuscript form.
हस्तलिपि/लेख -- hand, handwriting; manuscript.
  • हस्तक hastak -- (nm) a handle.
  • हस्तक्षेप hastakshep -- (nm) interference.
हस्तक्षेप करना -- to interfere.
  • हस्तांत/रण hastā:ntarāṉ -- (nm) transfer/transference.
हस्तांतरित -- transferred (to another hand).
हस्तांतरंणीव -- transferable.
हस्तांतरणीयता -- transferability.
  • हस्ताक्ष/र hasta:kshar -- (nm) signature; hand-writing.
हस्ताक्षरकर्त्ता -- signatory.
हस्ताक्षरित -- signed.
  • हस्तामलक hasta:malak -- (nm) lit. 'the fruit or seed of the emblic myrobalan in the hand'—absolutelyclear and readily comprehensible.
हस्तामलकवत् -- like हस्तामलक , clear and readilycomprehensible/understood.
  • हस्ती hasti: -- (nf) existence, being; worth; personage; (nm) an elephant.
हस्ती खोना -- to lose existence.
हस्ती मिटना -- to be ruined, to be forcedout of existence.
हस्ती होना -- to be existent; to be worth reckoning.
  • हस्ते haste -- (ind) through, through the agency of.
  • ह/स्व hasb -- (ind) according to, in accordance with.
हस्बे-जाबता -- according to law.
हस्बै-ज़ैल -- asper details below.
हस्बे-मामूल -- as usual.
  • हहा haha: -- (nf) sound produced while laughing; humble entreaty.
हहा करना -- to make humble entreaties.
  • हाँ hā: -- (nf) yes, yea; (ind) a word-denoting agreement, fulfilment, affirmation, etc.
हाँहाँ-हाँ -- yes, yes; aword expressing negation/affirmation that would depend on itsintonation).
हाँजी-हाँजी करना -- tochime in; to keep on flattering.
हाँ में हाँ मिलाना -- to keep on flattering, to say 'yes' to everything, tochime in.
हाँ हाँ करना -- to affirm, tosay 'yes'.
  • हाँक hā:k -- (nf) bawling; calling aloud.
हाँक देना/मारना/लगाना -- to callaloud, to bawl.
  • हाँकना hā:knā: -- (v) to drive (an animal or an animal-driven vehicle).
  • हाँका hā:ka: -- (nm) in hunting, an uproar (through beating of drums, cans, etc) to drive the prey towards the spot where the hunteris seated.
  • हाँड़ना hā:ṛnā: -- (v) to roam about, to loiter.
  • हाँड़ी hā:ṛi: -- (nf) a small earthen pot.
हाँड़ी पकना -- things in a pot to boil; a plot to be hatched.
  • हाँफना hā:phnā: -- (v) to pant, to breathe heavily.
  • हाँफनी hā:phnī: -- (nf) panting.
हाँफनी-छूटना -- to start panting, to bebreathing heavily.
  • हा ha: -- (int) oh !, Gosh !, a particle expressive of pleasure, pain, regret, contempt, amazement, etc.; a Persian suffix which imparts plurality (as बारहा, हज़ारहा, etc.).
  • हाइफ़न ha:ifan -- (nm) a hyphen.
  • हाई ha:i: -- (a) high.
हाई कोर्ट -- a high court.
हाई स्कूल -- a high school.
  • हाकि/म ha:kim -- (nm) a ruler; boss.
हाकिमाना -- befitting a ruler/officer/boss.
हाकिमी -- rule, ruling; work asan officer.
हाकिम से बैर कैसा, हाकिम सेबैर तो कहाँ की ख़ैर -- kings have longhands.
  • हाहॉकी ha:oki: -- (nf) hockey.
  • हाजत ha:jat -- (nf) need, requirement; pressure in the bowels.
हाजतमंद -- needy; hence हाजतमंदी (nf).
हाजत-रफ़ा करना -- to satisfy one's needs; to discharge faeces.
  • हाजती ha:jti: -- (nf) a urine-pot; (a) desirous.
  • हाज़मा ha:zma: -- (nm) digestion.
हाज़मा-ख़राब होना -- digestive system to beupset, the stomach to be upset.
  • हाज़िम ha:zim -- (a) digestive.
  • हाज़िर ha:zir -- (a) present; ready.
हाज़िरजवाब -- quick-witted, witty.
हाज़िरजवाबी -- quick-wittedness, readywit.
हाज़िर-नाज़िर -- present and watching.
हाज़िरीन -- pl. form of हाज़िर—those present (as हाज़िरीन-एहाज़िर-जलसाthose present in the meeting).
हाज़िर-में हुज्जत नहीं -- to be in my hands, is to be at your disposal.
  • हाज़िरी ha:ziri: -- (nf) presence; attendance, roll call; breakfast.
हाज़िरी-देना -- to notify/intimate one's presence.
हाज़िरी-बजाना -- to dance attendance upon.
हाज़िरी-लेना -- to have the roll call, tomark attendance.
  • हाजी ha:ji: -- (nm) a Mohammedan who has been to the haj pilgrimage.
  • हाट ha:ṭ -- (nf) a temporary and periodic market; (improvised) market-place, bazar, mart.
हाट उठना -- the market to be wound up; things to come to an end.
हाट करना -- to go marketing.
हाट-बाज़ार करना -- togo out making purchases, to goout marketing.
हाट-लगना -- marketingactivity to commence; a bazar tocome up.
  • हाटक ha:ṭak -- (nm) gold.
  • हाड़ ha:ṛ -- (nm) a bone.
हाड़ पेलना -- to work assiduously/very hard.
  • हाता ha:ta: -- (nm) see अहाता.
  • हाथ ha:th -- (nm) a hand; manual skill; the skill to strike; turn (ina game of cards); handle; arm (ofa chair).
हाथ-आँखों से लगाना -- to giveimmense respect (in admiring anartistic masterpiece).
हाथ आगे करना -- to stretch out the hand (to giveor take something).
हाथ-आज़माना -- tohave a fling at; to try one's hand.
हाथ-आना -- to have in hand, to comeunder control; to gain.
हाथ-उठाकर कहना -- to take a vow, to pledge.
हाथ-उठाना, किसी पर -- to lay hands on.
  • हाथा ha:tha: -- (nm) see हत्था.
  • हाथा/पाई, हाथाबाँही ha:tha:pa:i:, bā:hī: -- (nf) a scuffle, skirmish, tussle.
हाथापाई पर उतर आना -- to come toblows, to sfart a scuffle.
  • हाथी ha:thi: -- (nm) an elephant; a jumbo; castle/rook (in the gameof chess); (a) too fat; huge.
हाथीख़ाना -- a stable for elephants.
हाथीदाँत -- ivory; tusk हाथीदाँत का सामान ivorygoods.
हाथीपाँव -- elephantiasis.
हाथीवान -- see हाथी महावत.
हाथी की टक्कर हाथी ही सँभाले -- only an elephant canbear the elephant's load.
हाथी के दाँतखाने के और दिखाने के और -- what isobvious is not always the ultimate truth.
हाथी-घूमे गाँव-गाँव जिसकाहाँथी उसका नाँव -- an elephant willbe known by the name of hisowner wherever he may be.
हाथी निकल गया मगर दुम रह गई -- eaten ahorse and tail hangs out.
हाथी पर चढ़ना -- to be very rich; to go high up; to earn tremendous reputation.
हाथी बाँधना -- to maintain an elephant.
हाथी हो जाना -- to become very corpulent/ plump.
  • हादसा ha:dsa: -- (nm) an accident, a mishap.
हादसा गुज़रना -- an accident/mishapto occur.
  • हानि ha:nī -- (nf) loss; damage; detriment; harm.
हानिकर/हानिकारक/हानिकारी -- damaging: harmful; detrimental.
हानि उठाना -- to sustain a loss/damage.
हानि पहुँचाना -- to harm, tocause damage to.
  • हाफ़िज़ ha:fiz -- (nm) a protector; a Mohammedan who remembersthe whole of the Qoran by heart.
  • हामिला ha:mila: -- (a) pregnant (woman).
  • हामी ha:mī: -- (nf) assent, acceptance; (nm) a supporter; champion(of).
हामीदार -- an underwriter.
हामीदारी -- underwriting.
हामी भरना -- tosay 'yes', to give assent (for).
  • हाय hay -- (int) oh ! ah me !, alas!; also a particle expressive of mental or physical agony; (nf) curse(as किसी की हाय न लो).
हाय-तोबा -- loudprotestation; havoc, uproar, bewailing.
हाय दैया -- O, God ! Gos h!.
हाय-हाय -- see हाय; affiction; rush (of worketc.—as हर वक्त हाय-हाय पड़ी रहती है); panic and confusion.
हाय हाय करना -- to be rushed; to be afflicted.
हाय-हाय पड़ना -- utter panic and confusion to prevail.
हाय करके रह जाना -- to be obliged to suffer mentalor physical agony.
हाय पड़ना -- a curseto come true.
हाय होना -- to be jealous(of somebody's prosperity, progress, etc.).
  • हार ha:r -- (nf) defeat; loss; a garland, necklace; a suffix meaning one who or that which carriesaway per force or usurps, charms, etc; or denotes a doer (as सिरजनहार).
हार-जीत -- defeat and victory.
हार खाना -- to suffer a defeat.
हार-देना -- toinflict a defeat.
हार न मानना -- neversay die, not to give in.
हार मानना -- .
  • हारक ha:rak -- (a) who carries away per force, usurps or charms.
  • हारना ha:rnā: -- (v) to be defeated, to lose; to be wearied.
हारा-थका -- worn and wearied.
  • हारमोनियम ha:rmonīam -- (nm) a harmonium.
  • हारा ha:ra: -- a suffix carrying the sense of a doer (as सिरजनहारा); (a and v) defeated.
हारा हुआ जुआरी -- lit. a defeated gambler—a manin a completely reticent unresponsive state of mind, frustratedand lost (man).
  • हारिल ha:ril -- (nm) a typical green-coloured bird.
हारिल की लकड़ी -- a constant companion.
  • हार्दिक ha:rdik -- (a) cordial, hearty.
हार्दिकता -- cordiality; heartiness.
  • हाल ha:l -- (nm) state; condition; account; news; a hoop, metallictyre over a wooden wheel; turmoil; violent vibration/agitation; a hall; (a) present, current.
हाल-चाल -- general condition, state of affairs; news.
हाल का -- recent; fresh.
हाल में -- forthe time being; in the near past/future; recently.
हाल पतला होना -- to bein a terrible affliction.
  • हाल/त ha:lat -- (nf) state, condition.
हालत पतली होना -- to be in a miserableplight.
हालत संगीन होना -- to be ina critical state.
हालात -- conditions, circumstances.
  • हालाँकि ha:lā:ki -- (ind) though, although.
  • हाला ha:la: -- (nf) wine, liquor.
  • हाली ha:li: -- (a) current, contemporary.
  • हाव ha:w -- (nm).
हाव-भाव -- gestures, blandishments; amorous dalliance (of a woman).
  • हावी ha:vi: -- (a) dominant.
हावी होना -- to dominate.
  • हाशि/या ha:shiya: -- (nm) margin; border; fringe.
हाशिये पर -- on the margin/fringe.
  • हास ha:s -- (nm) laughter/laughing, derisive laughter, fun, joke; the abiding emotion of हास्य रस.
हासकर -- inspiring laughter.
हास-परिहास -- fun and humour.
  • हासिल ha:sil -- (a) acquired, obtained; what is carried forward.
हासिल जमा -- total.
हासिल करना -- to acquire, to obtain.
हासिल होना -- to be acquired, to be obtained.
  • हास्य ha:ssy -- (nm) humour; ridicule, fun.
हास्य कथा -- a humorous tale.
हास्यकर/कारक/जनक -- humorous; provokinglaughter.
हास्य-कौतुक -- fun and humour.
हास्य-चित्र -- a cartoon.
हास्यचित्रकार -- a cartoonist.
हास्य भाव -- sense of humour.
हास्य रस -- the final and successfulculmination of the sense of humour (हास्य) into a rasa.
हास्यरसात्मक -- full of or abounding in हास्यरस.
हास्य रूपलेखा -- humorous feature.
हास्य-व्यंग्य -- humour and satire/wit.
  • हास्यास्पद ha:ssya:spad -- (a) ludicrous, ridiculous, funny.
हास्यास्पदता -- ludicrousness, funniness.
  • हास्योत्पादक ha:ssyotpa:dak -- (a) ludicrous, ridiculous, funny; hence हास्योत्पादकता (nf).
  • हाहा ha:ha: -- (nf) (sound produced by) loud laughter; entreaties, humble supplication; (int) a particle expressive of amazement, grief, etc.
हाहा ठीठी -- joke and jest, fun and humour.
हाहा हीही -- see हाहा ठीठी.
हाहा करना -- to have humourand hilarity.
हाहा मचाना/हाहा होना -- tohave a bout of jokes and jests.
हाहा हूहू -- loud laughter and hilarity.
हाहा करना/खाना -- to make humble.
  • हाहाकार ha:ha:ka:r -- (nm) loud lamentation, distressful commotion, tumult, uproar.
  • हिंगु hiṅgu -- (nm) asafoetida—a tree or the poignant-smelling ooze from its root.
  • हिंडो/रा, हिंडोला hīḍora:, ~la: -- (nm) a swing, sway.
  • हिंद hīnd -- (nm) India.
  • हिंदवी hīndvi: -- (nf) a name used for the Hindi language by mediaeval writers.
  • हिंदसा hindsa: -- (nm) a digit, number.
  • हिंदी hīndi: -- (nf) the Hindi language; (a) Indian.
हिंदी न फ़ारसी मियाँ जी बनारसी -- the ass waggeth his ears.
  • हिंदुत्व hīnduttv -- (nm) Hinduism; the state of being, or characteristics of, a Hindu.
हिंदुत्व की भावना -- the spirit of Hinduism.
  • हिंदुस्ता/न hīndusta:n -- (nm) India.
हिंदुस्तानियत -- Indian-ness.
  • हिंदुस्तानी hīndusta:nī: -- (a) Indian; belonging to central parts ofIndia—esp. Uttar Pradesh; (nm) an Indian, native of India; anative of Uttar Pradesh; (nf) atheoretically existent style of theHindi language which is supposed to consist of current andsimple words of any sourceswhatever and is neither too muchbiassed in favour of Perso-Arabicelements nor has any place fortoo much high-flown Sanskritizedvocabulary.
हिंदुस्तानी संगीत -- Hindustaniclassical music (as distinct fromCarnatic).
  • हिंदुस्था/न hīndustha:n -- (nm) India.
हिंदुस्थानी -- (an) Indian.
  • हिंदू hīndu: -- (nm and a) (a) Hindu.
हिंदूपन/हिंदूपना -- Hinduism; the stateof being, or characteristics of, aHindu.
  • हिंदो/ल, हिंदोला hindol, ~la: -- (nm) a sway.
  • हिंदोस्तान hīndosta:n -- (nm) see हिंदुस्तान.
  • हिंदोस्तानी hīndosta:nī: -- (nm and a) see हिंदोस्तानी.
  • हिंसक hinsak -- (a) violent (person); ferocious, fierce; (nm) a murderer, killer.
हिंसक-जंतु/पशु -- ferocious beast/animal; hence हिंसकता (nf).
  • हिंसा hīnsa: -- (nf) violence.
हिंसात्मक -- violent (act, etc.); hence हिंसात्मकता( nf).
हिंसारत -- violent, committingviolence.
हिंसालु/शील -- violent, fierce.
हिंसालुता/शीलता -- violence, fierceness.
  • हिंस्र hīnsr -- (a) violent, fierce, ferocious.
हिंस्र जंतु/पशु -- ferocious beast/animal.
हिंस्रता -- violence; fierceness.
  • हिकम/त hikmat -- (nf) medical practice under the Unani system; a contrivance; manoeuvring.
हिकमती -- manoeuvring, pastmaster at manipulation.
  • हिक़ारत hiqa:rat -- (nf) contempt.
हिक़ारत की नज़र -- contemptuous look.
हिक़ारत से देखना -- to cast a contemptuouslook, to look down upon.
  • हिचक hichak -- (nf) hitch, hesitation; shilly-shally.
  • हिचकना hichaknā: -- (v) to hesitate, to hitch; to shrink; to shilly-shally.
  • हिचकिचा/ना hichkicha:nā: -- (v) see हिचकना; to make two bites of acherry.
हिचकिचाहट -- hesitation, hitch; shilly-shally.
  • हिचकी hichki: -- (nf) hiccup.
हिचकी-बँध जाना/हिचकियाँ बँध जाना/हिचकियाँ लेना -- to have a fit of hiccup; to havenon-stop hiccuping; to sob bitterly.
  • हिचको/ला hichkola: -- (nm) a jerk; jolt.
हिचकोले लगना -- to receive jolts.
  • हिज/ड़ा hijṛa: -- (nm) eunuch; (a) impotent.
हिजड़ा बनाना -- to emasculate, to castrate.
हिजड़े के घर बेटा -- goat's wool.
  • हिजरी hijri: -- (nf) the Mohammedan era (which commences from theday of Prophet Mohammed'sflight from Mecca to Medina onthe 15th July, 622 A. D.).
  • हिज्जे hijje -- (nm) spelling.
हिज्जे-करना -- to spell.
  • हिज्र hijjr -- (nm) separation.
  • हित hit -- (nm) welfare, well-being; interest; gain, benefit.
हितकर -- beneficial, useful, advantageous.
हितकारक -- see हितकर.
हितकारी -- see हितकर; a benefactor.
हितचिंतक -- awell-wisher, benefactor.
हितचिंतन -- well wishing, being concernedabout somebody's welfare.
  • हिताकां/क्षी hita:ka:ṅkshi: -- (a and nm) well-wishing; (a) well-wisher; hence हिताकांक्षिता (nf).
  • हितार्थी hita:rthi: -- (a and nm) well-wishing; (a) well-wisher.
  • हिताहित hita:hit -- (nm) good and bad.
  • हितू hitu: -- (a) see हितैषी.
  • हिते/च्छा hitechchha: -- (nf) well-wishing.
हितेच्छु -- see हितैषी.
  • हितै/षी hitaishi: -- (a and nm) well-wishing; a well-wisher.
हितैषणा -- see हितेच्छा.
हितैषिता -- well-wishing.
  • हिदायत hida:yat -- (nf) instruction.
हिदायतनामा -- a manual of instructions, series of instructions.
  • हिनहिना/ना hinhinā:nā: -- (v) to neigh, to whinny.
हिनहिनाहट -- neighing, whinnying.
  • हिना hina: -- (nf) myrtle.
  • हिफ़ाज़त hifa:zat -- (nf) protection, security, safety.
हिफ़ाज़त करना -- to guard, to safeguard, to defend/protect/secure.
  • हिफ़ाज़ती hifa:zati: -- (a) protective.
हिफ़ाज़ती कार्यवाही -- protective measures.
  • हिफ़्ज hifz -- (a) memorised, committed to memory.
हिफ़्ज करना -- to memorize, to commit to memory.
  • हिब्बा hibba: -- (nm) a gift, present.
हिब्बानामा -- a gift deed.
  • हिम him -- (nm) snow, ice; frost.
हिमकंदुक -- a snow-ball.
हिमकण -- asnow-particle.
हिमकर -- the moon.
हिमकाल -- ice age.
हिमक्षेत्र -- snowfield.
हिमगिरि -- the Himalayas.
हिम चादर -- anice-sheet.
हिमच्छद -- an ice-cap.
हिम-झंझावात -- a snow-storm.
हिमनद -- anesker.
हिमनदी -- a glacier, an ice-river.
हिमपुंज -- an ice-pack.
हिमपात/प्रपात -- ice/snow-fall.
हिमबद्ध -- ice-bound, snow bound.
हिमबाधित -- ice/snow-bound.
हिम-मानव -- snow-man.
हिमयुग -- the ice-age.
हिमलव -- snowflakes.
हिम रेखा -- snow-line.
हिमलंब -- icicle.
हिमवर्तिका -- icicle.
हिमवर्षा -- freezing rain; snow fall.
हिमवृष्टि -- snow-fall.
हिमशिखर -- ice-cap.
हिमशैल -- an iceberg.
हिमश्वेत -- snowhite.
हिम-संचय/संघात -- a snow-heap.
हिमसागर -- an ice-sea.
हिम-स्फटिक -- ice-crystal.
  • हिमवान himwa:n -- (nm) the Himalayas.
  • हिमांध himā:ndh -- (a) snow blind.
हिमांधता -- snow-blindness.
  • हिमांशु himā:nshu -- (nm) (an epithet of) the moon.
  • हिमाक़त hima:qat -- (nf) stupidity, foolishness, idiocy.
  • हिमाचल hima:chal -- (nm) the Himalayas.
हिमाचल प्रदेश -- a centrally-administered northern state of the Union of India.
  • हिमाच्छन्न hima:chhann -- (a) snow-clad, snow covered.
  • हिमाद्रि hima:ddri -- (nm) see हिमाचल.
  • हिमानी himā:nī: -- (nf) a glacier; an avalanche.
  • हिमाभ himā:bh -- (a) snowy, appearing like snow.
  • हिमाय/त hima:yat -- (nf) support, backing; defence, protection.
हिमायती -- a supporter; defender, protector, patron.
  • हिमालय hima:lay -- (nm) the Himalayas.
  • हिमावृत hima:vrit -- (a) snow-capped, snow-clad.
  • हिम्मत himmat -- (nf) courage, boldness.
हिम्मत-अफ़जाई -- encouraging/encouragement.
हिम्मतवर -- courageous; hence हिम्मतवरी (nf).
हिम्मत छूटना/जवाब देना/टूटना/पस्त होना -- (one's) courage tobe exhausted; to yield.
हिम्मत न हारना -- tohold up one's head.
हिम्मत पड़ना -- tohave the cheek; to feel upto; tomuster courage (to).
हिम्मत बढ़ाना -- toencourage; to allow liberty, tocause to be cheeky.
हिम्मत बाँधना -- toscrew/pluck up courage; to gatherresolution.
हिम्मत से काम लेना -- to put agood/bold face on.
हिम्मत हारना -- tolose courage, to be demoralised.
हिम्मते मर्दां मददे खुदा -- God helpsthose who help themselves.
  • हिम्मती himmati: -- (a) courageous, bold.
  • हिय, हियरा hiy , ~ra: -- (nm) the heart, bosom.
  • हिया hiya: -- (nm) the heart, bosom; courage.
हिया काँपना -- to be terriblyfear-stricken, to be struck withextreme terror.
हिया जलना -- to beangry; to be full of jealousy; tosuffer extreme agony.
हिया ठंडा होना -- to be gratified, to feel assuaged(on account of an adversary'sdistress).
हिया फटना -- to have the heartrent by deep sorrow.
हिया भर आना -- tobe moved by emotion.
हिये काअंधा -- having no mental vision; block-headed, foolish.
हिये की फूटना -- to lose one's senses/wits, to become absolutely witless.
हिये लगाना -- to embrace.
  • हिरण hirāṉ -- (nm) a deer, an antelope.
  • हिरण्मय hirāṉmay -- (a) golden; (made) of gold.
  • हिरण्य hiraṉṉy -- (nm) gold.
हिरण्यगर्भ -- an epithet of Brahmā:, mythologically born of a gold egg.
  • हिरन hiran -- (nm) a deer, an antelope.
हिरन हो जाना -- to take to heels, to flee; to disappear.
  • हिरनौटा hirnāūṭa: -- (nm) a young deer.
  • हिर-फिर hir-phir -- हिर-फिर कर to turn up again like a bad half-penny.
  • हिरमजी hirmaji: -- (nf) a kind of red clay.
  • हिराना hira:nā: -- (v) to be lost; to vanish.
  • हिरासत hira:sat -- (nf) custody.
हिरासत में करना/लेना -- to take into custody.
हिरासती -- under custody.
  • हि/सं hirs -- (nf) (spirit of) competition, envy; greed.
हिर्सी -- having a spirit of competition, envious; greedy.
  • हिलको/र, हिलकोरा hilkor -- (nf) {~ra:} (nm) a surge, billow.
  • हिलना hilnā: -- (v) to move; to shake; to swing; to get very familiar.
हिलना-डोलना -- to move; to be physicallyactive.
मिलना -- to have intimacywith, to associate with.
हिल-मिल-कर -- with a friendly/cooperativespirit.
  • हिलाना hila:nā: -- (v) to move; to shake; to jolt; to swing; to causeto get very intimate.
  • हिला-मिला hila:mila: -- (a) on intimate terms.
  • हिलोर, हिलोररा hilor -- (nf), {~ra:} (nm) a surge, billow.
हिलोर उठना -- to surge.
  • हिल्लोल hillol -- (nf) a surge, billow.
  • हिसाब hisa:b -- (nm) arithmetic; account; calculation; rate; manner, custom.
हिसाब-किताब -- account(s).
हिसाब-किताब करना -- to account for, to settle or workout the accounts.
हिसाब-किताब बैठना -- thingsto be adjusted, things to veerround.
हिसाब-, टेढ़ा -- difficult affair.
हिसाब-बही -- an account-book, a ledger.
हिसाब करना, पाक/बेबाक -- to pay off, toclear the account.
हिसाब चुकता करना/चुकाना -- to square accounts with; to clear off all the accounts ordues.
हिसाब तलब करना -- to call for accounts; to ask for an explanation.
हिसाब देना -- to render accounts; to explain.
हिसाब में चढ़ना -- to be enteredinto the account book/ledger.
हिसाब बैठना -- the account to tally; things to veer round.
हिसाब बैठाना -- totally the accounts; to makenecessary coordination.
हिसाब लेना -- toask to render the account; to askfor an explanation.
हिसाब-साफ़ करना -- toclear off the account (of).
हिसाब से -- properly, proportionately; considering all the pros and cons.
  • हिसाबी hisa:bi: -- (a) calculative; well-versed in arithmetic/calculations.
  • हिस्टीरिया hisṭi:riya: -- (nm) hysteria.
हिस्टीरियाग्रस्त -- hysteric.
  • हिस्सा hissa: -- (nm) part, portion; share; division.
हिस्सा-बखरा -- portion; share.
  • हिस्सेदा/र hisseda:r -- (nm) a co-sharer, partner; shareholder.
हिस्सेदारी -- partnership, co-sharing.
  • हींग hī:g -- (nf) asafoetida.
  • हीं-हीं hī:-hī: -- (nf) grinning, sound of subdued laughter.
  • ही hi: -- (ind) only, solely, alone; none but.
  • हीक hi:k -- (nf) stench.
हीक मारना -- to stench.
  • हीजड़ा hi:jṛa: -- (nm) see हिजड़ा.
  • हीन hi:n -- (a) inferior, worthless, deficient; used as the second member in compound words to mean devoid or divested of.
हीनकर्म/हीनकर्मा -- one involved in low deeds, vicious.
हीनकुल -- low-born.
हीन ग्रन्थि -- inferiority complex.
हीनचरित -- vicious, wicked, immoral.
हीनता/हीनत्व -- inferiority; deficiency.
हीनता ग्रन्थि -- see हीन ग्रंथि.
हीन पक्ष -- weak side; weak aspect.
हीनबल/वीर्य -- emasculated, impotent; feeble.
हीनबुद्धि/मति -- a stupid, nitwit.
हीन भावना -- inferiority complex, feeling of inferiority.
  • हीनहया/त hi:nhaya:t -- (nf and adv) (during the) life-time.
हीनहयाती -- for the whole life.
  • हीनांग hi:nā:ṅg -- (a) cripple/crippled.
  • हीर hi:r -- (nm) pith, essence, quintessence; see हीरा.
  • हीरक hi:rak -- (nm) a diamond.
हीरक जयंती -- diamond jubilee.
  • हीरा hi:ra: -- (nm) a diamond.
हीरा आदमी -- a good egg, a gem amongst men.
हीरा चाटना, हीरे की कमी चाटना -- to commit suicide (by licking a diamond or diamond particle).
  • हीरो hi:ro -- (nm) a hero.
  • हीरोइन hi:roin -- (nf) a heroine.
  • हीला hi:la: -- (nm) evasion; pretext; pretence/pretension.
हीला-हवाला -- dilly-dally, shilly-shally, evasion; pretence.
हीला-हवाला करना -- to dilly-dally/shilly-shally; to feign, to pretend.
हीला गरान बहाना बिसियार -- he who has a mind to beat his dog will easily find a stick, if you want to throw a stone every lane will furnish one.
  • हीलेबाज़ hi:leba:z -- (a and nm) pretending; a pretender.
  • ही-ही hi:-hi: -- (nf) grinning, sound of subdued laughter.
  • हुँ hū -- (int) a particle denoting assent, yes.
  • हुंकार hūṅka:r -- (nm) roaring, bellowing; loud sound produced by a man to express menacing disposition or readiness to fight/strike.
हुंकार भरना -- to roar, to bellow; to express resolution to fight; to give a call for a fight.
  • हुंकारी hūṅka:ri: -- (nf) to show assent by uttering 'हुं'.
हुंकारी भरना -- to utter 'हुं' for expressing assent.
  • हुंकृति hunkkriti -- (nf) see हुंकार.
  • हुँड़ार hūṛa:r -- (nm) a wolf.
  • हुँडी hūṉḍi: -- (nf) a bill of exchange, draft.
हुँडी सकारना -- to honour/accept(a bill of exchange).
  • हूक huk -- (nm) a hook.
  • हुकुम hukum -- (nm) see हुक्म.
  • हुक़ूक huqu:k -- (nm) plural of हक़ —rights.
  • हुकुमत huku:mat -- (nf) government; rule; jurisdiction.
हुकुमत करना -- to govern, to rule.
हुकुमत चलाना -- to run a government; to order about.
हुकुमत जताना -- toshow one's authority/eminence; to try to order about.
  • हुक्क़ा huqqa: -- (nm) a hubble-bubble.
हुक्क़ा-पानी -- social intercourse.
हुक्क़ा-पानी बन्दकरना -- to freeze out, to completelyboycott, to excommunicate, tocease to have social intercourse.
हुक्क़ाबरदार -- an attendant who carriesa (refill for the) hubble-bubble.
हुक्क़ाबरदारी -- to fill a hubble-bubble; to render menial service.
हुक्क़ा भरना -- to render (menial) service to; toflatter.
  • हुक्काम hukka:m -- (nm) plural form of हाकिम—officers; rulers.
  • हुक्म hukm -- (nm) order, command; one of the suits in playing cards—thespade.
हुक्मउदूली -- disobedience, defying orders.
हुक्म-, जो -- as youcommand !.
हुक्मनामा -- an edict, awritten order.
हुक्मबरदार -- an obedient servant; loyal.
हुक्मबरदारी -- carrying out of orders; loyalty.
हुक्मरान -- rulers; commanding authority.
हुक्मरानी -- rule, government.
हुक्म-तामील करना -- to obey or carryout one's order.
हुक्म चलाना -- to issuean order; to order about; to rule/govern.
हुक्म तोड़ना -- to disobey anorder, to violate one's authority.
हुक्म-बजाना -- to carry out one's order.
हुक्म-मानना -- to obey one's order.
हुक्म-मेंहोना -- to be obedient/subservient to.
  • हुक्मी hukmī: -- (a) imperative, mandatory; pertaining to an order.
हुक्मी बंदा -- obedient servant.
  • हुजूम huju:m -- (nm) a crowd, multitude.
हुजूम-खड़ा करना -- to raise a crowd.
  • हुजूर huzu:r -- (int) your honour, your majesty, your lordship !; Sir !; (nm) gracious presence.
हुजूर-ए-वाला -- your lordship, your honour !.
हुजूर-में -- in the court (of); in thegracious presence of.
  • हुजूरी huzu:ri: -- (nf).
हुजूरी, जी -- sycophancy, servile attitude.
  • हुज्ज/त hujjat -- (nf) altercation, wrangling; pugnacity; fuss.
हुज्जती -- altercating, wrangling; pugnacious; a fuss-pot.
  • हुड़क huṛak -- (nf) pining, longing.
  • हुड़कना huṛaknā: -- (v) to pine, to fret.
  • हुड़का huṛka: -- (nm) pining, fretting.
  • हुड़दं/ग huṛdaṅg -- (nm) commotion, uproar, tumult.
हुड़दंगी -- uproarious, riotous, commotive.
हुड़दंग मचाना -- to cause an uproar/tumult.
  • हुत hut -- (a) thrown into fire (as an oblation); sacrified.
  • हुताग्नि huta:gnī -- (nf) oblation fire.
  • हुतात्मता huta:tmata: -- (nf) martyrdom.
  • हुतात्मा huta:tmā: -- (nm) a martyr.
  • हुनर hunar -- (nf) art, craft; skill.
हुनरमंद -- an artist; skilful, skilled.
हुनरमंदी -- artistry; skilfulness.
  • हुब्बुलवतनी hubbulwatanī: -- (nf) patriotism, love of the motherland.
  • हुमकना humaknā: -- (v) to thrust; to dance about with joy, to behilarious.
  • हुमा humā: -- (nf) an imaginary bird of paradise.
  • हुमेल humel -- (nf) a kind of neck-lace.
  • हुरमत hurmat -- (nf) honour, dignity.
  • हुरहुर hurhur -- (nm) a kind of medicinal plant.
  • हुर्रा hurra: -- (int) hurrah !.
  • हुलसना hulasnā: -- (v) to be hilarious; to be full of joy/aspirations; tolook pretty.
  • हुलास hula:s -- (nm) hilarity; joy; aspiration.
  • हुलिया huliya: -- (nf) physical features; description.
हुलिया बताना -- to describe the physical features(of a missing, absconding personetc.).
हुलिया टाइट/तंग होना -- to be in veryhot waters; to be terribly afflicted.
हुलिया बिगाड़ना -- to knock into acocked hat, to harass no end; toput into very hot waters.
  • हुल्लड़ hullaṛ -- (nm) shemozzle, tumult, uproar.
हुल्लड़बाज़ -- one whocauses uproar/tumult.
हुल्लड़बाज़ी -- causing tumultuous scenes/she-mozzle.
हुल्लड़ करना/मचाना -- to raise atumult, to kick up a row.
  • हुश hush -- (int) hush !; keep silent !; don't do !.
  • हुस्न husn -- (nm) beauty, prettiness.
हुस्नपरस्त -- a lover of beauty.
हुस्नपरस्ती -- love of beauty.
हुस्न का आलम -- age of superb beauty; times or world of superb beauty.
  • हूँ hū: -- (ind) yes; (v) am.
  • हूँठा hū:ṭḥa: -- (nm) three and a half.
  • हूँसना hū:snā: -- (v) to curse.
  • हूक hu:k -- (nf) haunting agony, smarting pain/affliction.
  • हूकना hu:knā: -- (v) to have smarting pain; to suffer from a haunting agony.
  • हूबहू hu:bahu: -- (a) exactly alike, similar in all respects, on all fours on.
  • हूर hu:r -- (nf) a fairy; beauty, very beautiful woman.
हूर की परी -- a superb beauty.
  • हूश hu:sh -- (a) rustic, rude, uncivil.
हूशपन/हूशपना -- rusticity, rudeness, incivility.
  • हृत hrit -- (a) taken away, stolen, pilfered.
हृतज्ञान -- out of wits, stupefied.
हृतसर्वस्व -- rendered penniless, who has lost his all.
  • हृत्कंप hritkamp -- (nm) palpitation.
  • हृदयंगम hridayaṅgam -- (a) taken to heart; mentally assimilated.
  • हृदय hriday -- (nm) the heart; core, best part; darling (person).
हृदयकंप -- palpitation, heart-throb.
हृदयगत/स्थ -- taken to heart, mentally assimilated.
हृदयग्राही -- captivating, charming.
हृदयज्ञ -- who knows the heart, penetrating into the mind.
हृदय-दौर्बल्य -- weakness of heart, faint-heartedness.
हृदयविदारक -- heart-rending.
हृदयवेधी -- heart-piercing, causing extreme anguish or mental agony.
हृदयशून्य/हीन -- dry, hard-hearted, unfeeling.
हृदयस्पर्शी -- pathetic, touching, moving.
हृदयहारी -- charming, attractive, gripping.
हृदय को छूना -- totouch one's heart, to move.
हृदय फटना/विदीर्ण होना -- the heart to.
  • हृदयाकाश hridaya:ka:sh -- (nm) lit. the sky of the heart—the mental canvas.
  • हृदये/श, हृदयेश्वर hridayesh, ~shwar -- (nm) lit. the lord of one's heart—dear one; dear husband/lover; hence हृदयेश्वरी (nf).
  • हृदयोन्मादिनी hridayonma:dinī: -- (a) causing erotomania; captivating the heart.
  • हृद्गत hridgat -- (a) gone into the heart, well-comprehended, assimilated.
  • हृद्रोग hridrog -- (nm) heart-disease.
  • हृद्व्यथा hridvyatha: -- (nf) mental anguish, agony.
  • हृषीकेश hrishi:kesh -- (nm) an epithet of Lord Vishṉū or Krishṉā.
  • हृष्ट hrisṭ -- (a) glad, delighted, pleased.
हृष्ट-पुष्ट -- stout, robust.
  • हेंगा hēga: -- (nf) a (field) leveller.
  • हें-हें hēhē -- (nf) grinning sound (of laughter); making humble entreaties, imploring.
हें-हें करना -- to laughin subdued tones; to beseech/implore in an humble manner.
  • हे he -- (ind) a vocative particle.
  • हेकड़ hekaṛ -- (a) hubristic; unyielding, stubborn; exercising force.
  • हेकड़ी hekṛi: -- (nf) hubris, arrogance; stubbornness; exercise of coercion, show of force/strength.
हेकड़ी जताना/दिखाना -- to show arrogance, to be hubristic; to apply coercion.
हेकड़ी भूल जाना -- hubristic attitudeto be shed away; to lose all one'swits.
  • हेच hech -- (a) worthless, trifling.
  • हेठा heṭḥa: -- (a) inferior, low, mean.
हेठापन -- inferiority, meanness, lowness.
  • हेठी heṭḥi: -- (nf) humiliation, insult, indignity.
हेठी करना -- to humiliate/insult, to heap indignity on.
हेठी-होना -- to suffer humiliation/insult/indignity.
  • हेड heḍ -- (a) head.
हेड-ऑफ़िस -- head office.
हेडक्वार्टर -- headquarter.
हेडमास्टर -- headmaster.
हेडमास्टरी -- headmastership.
  • हेतु hetu -- (nm) reason, cause; motive.
हेतु-कथा -- etiological tale.
हेतुता/त्व -- causation, causativeness, existenceof cause or motive.
हेतुवाद -- astatement of reasons or arguments, assigning of cause.
हेतुविज्ञान/विद्या/शास्त्र -- teleology, science of logic.
हेतुवैज्ञानिक -- teleologist; teleologistic.
हेतुशास्त्री -- ateleologist.
हेतुसिद्ध -- telesis.
  • हेत्वाभास hettva:bha:s -- (nm) a fallacy; sophism.
  • हेमंत hemānt -- (nm) the winter season.
  • हेम hem -- (nm) gold.
हेमकांति -- glittering like gold.
  • हेमाभ hemā:bh -- (a) having the lustre of gold.
  • हेरना hernā: -- (v) to search; to see हेरना-फेरना to change the order.
  • हेर-फेर her-pher -- (nm) interchange; change; rotation; manipulation, unscrupulousness.
हेर-फेर-करना -- to vary, to make alterations/amendments; to make unscrupulous changes.
  • हेराफेरी hera:pheri: -- (nf) manipulation, unscrupulous activity.
  • हेलमेल helmel -- (nm) intimacy, close relationship.
  • हेलीमेली heli:meli: -- (nm) a friend, an intimate person.
  • हैं hāī -- (v) are; (ind) no, what is this; a particle showing astonishment, negation or non-acceptance.
  • हैंडबैग hāīṉḍbaig -- (nm) a handbag.
  • हैंडिल hāīṉḍil -- (nm) a handle.
  • है hai -- (v) is.
  • हैगा haiga: -- (v) see है.
  • हैज़ा haiza: -- (nm) cholera.
हैज़ा होना -- to have an attack of cholera.
  • हैट haiṭ -- (nm) a hat.
  • हैतुक haituk -- (a) having a cause or reason, founded on some motive; also हैतुकी; (nm) a rationalist.
  • हैरत hairat -- (nf) amazement, astonishment.
हैरतअंगेज़ -- amazing, astonishing.
हैरतज़दा -- amazed, astonished.
  • हैरान haira:n -- (a) tired, wearied; perplexed, confounded; amazed, astonished.
हैरान करना -- to harass.
  • हैरानी haira:nī: -- (nf) surprise, amazement; botheration, trouble; weariness; harassment.
  • हैवा/न haiva:n -- (nm) an animal; savage, brute, beast.
हैवानात -- pluralof हैवान.
हैवानियत -- beastliness, brutality, savagery.
हैवानी -- beastly, savage, brutal.
  • हैसियत haisiyat -- (nf) status; capacity.
हैसियत के अनुसार -- according to status.
हैसियत से, की/हैसियत, ब -- in the capacity of.
हैसियतदार/मंद -- having a status.
  • होंठ hōṭḥ -- (nm) see ओठ.
होंठ काटना/चबाना -- to be full of wrath.
होंठ सी जाना -- to be dumbfounded, to be speechless.
होंठ फड़कना -- lips to tremble(through intense emotionalstrain).
होंठ बिचकाना -- to show contempt/dislike (by movement oflips).
होंठ-हिलाना -- to move the lips; to commence speech.
  • हो/टल, होटेल hoṭal, ~el -- (nm) a hotel.
  • होठ hoṭḥ -- (nm) see ओठ.
  • होड़ hoṛ -- (nf) competition, race: bet.
होड़ लगाना -- to enter into acompetition, to have a race/rivalry.
  • होड़ा-होड़ी hoṛa:hoṛi: -- (nf) competition; (adv) by way of or throughcompetition/rivalry.
  • होतव्य hotavvy -- (a and nm) destined to happen, the inevitable, pre-destined.
होतव्यता -- inevitability, destiny.
  • होता hota: -- (nm) one who offers oblation (to the sacrificial fire).
  • होतृ hottri -- (nm) see होता.
  • होनहार honha:r -- (a) promising; (nm) the inevitable, destiny.
होनहार बिरवानके होत चीकने पात? -- coming eventscast their shadows before.
  • होना honā: -- (v) to be; to occur, to happen; to exist; to be born.
होना-, एक समय में -- to synchronize, to besynchronous.
हो न हो -- probably, perhaps, in all likelihood, maybe.
हो चलना -- to be well on theway.
हो चुकना -- to be finished.
होना-हवाना -- to be done, to happen.
हो रहना, किसी का -- to belong, tosomebody.
हो लेना, किसी के साथ -- to accompany somebody.
  • होनी honī: -- (nf) destiny, predestination; the inevitable.
होनी के बस में, तीन लोक -- the entire universe isbound by destiny.
  • होम hom -- (nm) a sacrifice; an oblation fire.
होमकुंड -- a pit for oblation fire.
होम-सामग्री -- the articles for putting into the oblation fire.
होम करतेहाथ जलना -- to do a good turn andearn a bad name.
होम करना -- to perform a sacrifice, to offer oblationto fire.
  • होमियोपै/थ homīyopaith -- (nm) a homoeopath.
होमियोपैथिक -- homoeopathic.
होमियोपैथी -- (the science of) homoeopathy; practising medicine through thehomoeopathic system.
  • होरसा horsa: -- (nm) a flat and round piece of stone used for rubbingsandalwood or for rolling breads.
  • होला hola: -- (nm) green gram.
  • होलिका holika: -- (nf) the होली festival.
होलिकादहन -- burning of the pile of fuel on the occasion of होली.
  • होली holi: -- (nf) a Hindu festival celebrated on the last day of themonth of फागुन when colouredwater is thrown on one another.
होली खेलना -- to throw coloured water(on).
होली जलना -- to make a bonfire(of).
  • होल्ड-ऑल/होल्डाल holḍol, holḍa:l -- (nm) a hold-all.
  • होल्डर holḍar -- (nm) a holder.
  • होश hosh -- (nm) sense, consciousness.
होश-हवास -- see होश.
होश आना -- to come tosenses; to regain consciousness.
होश उड़ना/उड़ जाना/काफ़ूर या गुम होना/जाते रहना/फ़ाख़्ता होना/हवा होना/हिरनहोना -- to be frightened out of one'ssenses, to be at one's wit's end, to lose wits, to be thoroughlyconfounded.
होश करना -- to recollect; to be alert.
होश की दवा करो -- sell yourass; get your head shaved !; cometo senses !; talk sense !.
होश खोना -- to lose one's wits/senses, to become senseless.
होश ठिकानो आना/होना -- to come to senses; to be fixed inone's proper place, to learn alesson.
होश न रहना -- to be unconscious, to lose senses.
होश में आना -- to cometo senses; to gain consciousness.
होश में लाना -- to bring round; to restoreto consciousness.
होश रखना -- to becareful, to retain wits.
होश रहना -- tocontinue to be in senses; to beconscious.
होश सँभालना -- to gain consciousness; to come of age.
होश सेबाहर होना -- to lose senses; to beunconscious; to lose one's witsthrough anger.
होश होना -- to be insenses.
  • होशियार hoshiya:r -- (a) clever, wise, intelligent; careful.
होशियार रहना -- to becareful/alert.
  • होशियारी hoshiya:ri: -- (nf) cleverness, wisdom, intelligence; carefulness.
  • होस्टल hosṭal -- (nm) a hostel.
  • हौंस hāūs -- (nf) craving, longing; deep aspiration.
  • हौआ haua: -- (nm) see हौवा.
  • हौज़ hauz -- (nm) a tank, reservoir (of water etc.); sink.
  • हौद haud -- (nm) see हौज़.
  • हौदा hauda: -- (nm) an open or covered seat placed over an elephant; a pond; see हौज़.
  • हौदी haudi: -- (nf) a small tank, reservoir; sink.
  • हौल haul -- (nm) fear, dread; a hall.
हौलदिल -- stunned, terrified.
हौलदिली -- a stunned state, state of utternervousness.
हौलनाक -- stunning, fearful, dreadful.
  • हौली hauli: -- (nf) a liquor shop, tavern.
  • हौले-हौले haule-haule -- (adv) slowly; gently; quietly.
  • हौवा hauwa: -- (nm) a bogey, bug-bear; scare-crow; a scare—wordused for frightening children.
  • हौसला hausla: -- (nm) courage; morale.
हौसलेमंद -- courageous.
हौसलाअफ़जाई -- encouragement.
हौसला करना -- to takecourage, to pluck courage.
हौसला तोड़ना -- to throw cold water on, to demoralise, to discourage.
हौसले निकालना -- to have it out; togratify all one's longings.
हौसला पस्त होना -- to be demoralised.
  • ह्रस्व hrassv -- (a) short, small.
ह्रस्व स्वर -- a short vowel.
  • ह्रस hra:s -- (nm) decay; fall, down-fall; diminution.
ह्रसमान -- decaying, falling, suffering a downfall.
  • ह्रासोन्मुख hra:sonmukh -- (a) decaying, diminishing, decadent.
ह्रासोन्मुख अवस्था -- decadent state.
ह्रासोन्मुख-सँस्कृति -- decadentculture.
ह्रासोन्मुखता -- decadence.
ह्रासोन्मुख राष्ट्र -- adecadent nation.
ह्रासोन्मुख सभ्यता -- a decadent civilization.
  • ह्विस्की wiski: -- (nf) whisky.
  • ह्वेल wel -- (nf) a whale.