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Posting English phrases with no Hindi translations[सम्पादन]

Note to contributors to this page: If you can only post an English phrase with no Hindi equivalent, please post it here on the talk page and request a translation into Hindi. Do not add isolated English phrases to the glossary itself; all such contributions are being reverted. - dcljr (वार्ता) १८:५८, २६ अगस्त २०१७ (UTC)

Rough Google translation: (Can someone who knows Hindi please improve this?)

"इस पेज में योगदानकर्ताओं के लिए नोट: यदि आप केवल हिंदी के बराबर के साथ कोई अंग्रेजी वाक्यांश पोस्ट कर सकते हैं, तो कृपया इसे यहां पर पोस्ट करें और हिंदी में अनुवाद का अनुरोध करें। शब्दावली के लिए अलग-अलग अंग्रेज़ी वाक्यांशों को न जोड़ें; इस तरह के सभी योगदानों को वापस किया जा रहा है।"

Translation requests[सम्पादन]

The following subsections list most of the dozens of English words and phrases that have been posted and then reverted away from this page (अंग्रेजी-हिन्दी वाक्यांश) since it was created. I've made minor capitalization and spelling changes in some cases. Feel free to remove any of these that are already on the page (I might have overlooked some). If you don't think any of these are worth ever being added to the page, just strike them out (edit this comment to see how) instead of removing them entirely, as some users may disagree and want to discuss them further. - dcljr (वार्ता) २२:३९, २७ अगस्त २०१७ (UTC)

Grammatically correct[सम्पादन]

These are grammatically correct English (for the most part), although some may not be very useful (and therefore may not be worth translating and adding to the page). Many have been modified extensively from the text that was originally posted.

  1. a whole lot more —
  2. about my breath —
  3. Anyhow, continue what you were doing. —
  4. Are there any questions about your order? —
  5. as well —
  6. associated road carriers —
  7. be the same —
  8. be the same as —
  9. Can I see your…? —
  10. Can you ship faster? —
  11. cash deposit —
  12. come on —
  13. Dear sir —
  14. Do you have…? —
  15. followup with me —
  16. go to a wedding —
  17. He is not… —
  18. He read the notes and returned it to me. —
  19. Hi there. —
  20. Homework notebooks should be submitted on the very next day. —
  21. How are you doing? —
  22. How have you been doing lately? —
  23. I am a boy. —
  24. I am maintaining the account. —
  25. I am not able to understand. —
  26. I have informed the customer and customer said OK —
  27. I have to… —
  28. I must tell you. —
  29. I will take the exam after I return from home. —
  30. I won't give you… —
  31. I'll be on leave today. —
  32. I'm in the stage now… —
  33. in your browser —
  34. inquiry —
  35. Is this a box? —
  36. It is good it is a big company. —
  37. It would be wrong to honour a man at the expense of truth. —
  38. It's absolutely okay. —
  39. Jealousy is a tiger that tears not only its prey buy also its own raging heart. —
  40. key-note address —
  41. Kindly clarify within 15 days, failing which application shall be rejected. —
  42. Kindly follow below mentioned steps for number booking. —
  43. Kindly ignore if already paid. —
  44. let u know —
  45. Life isn't always sunshine and butterflies. —
  46. milk maid —
  47. more to come —
  48. on the phone —
  49. Please give me two days to complete the panel. —
  50. Please kindly issue me… —
  51. Present address must contain letters and numbers only. —
  52. red mark on the left side of the face —
  53. regards —
  54. Say that you are interested. —
  55. serious relationship —
  56. Sometimes you have to learn to smile through the pain. —
  57. Tell me. —
  58. that day —
  59. the other side —
  60. This fiasco has given them a chance to show their pseudo-machismo. —
  61. this is —
  62. This just in: … —
  63. to opt out —
  64. Today is cloudy. —
  65. uploaded picture file too large —
  66. usefulness —
  67. very soon —
  68. Want to date? —
  69. We already have your details. —
  70. We have requested… —
  71. We will send you the job details. —
  72. What do I have to do? —
  73. What do I have to say? —
  74. What is the English you want to say? —
  75. What should I bring for you from the US? —
  76. What should I do? —
  77. When will it be finished? —
  78. when wishes come true —
  79. who —
  80. Who is this? —
  81. Why are you in Bharat? —
  82. Why are you not ready yet? —
  83. Why meet my boy friend? —
  84. You are doing well. —
  85. You will be very cool. —
  86. You can say that. —
  87. You should have applied for this post earlier. —
  88. Your order has been delivered. —
  89. Your order has shipped. —
  90. Your order is on its way and will reach you today. —

Netspeak and other forms of informal English[सम्पादन]

These have not been modified from the text actually posted to the page, but they should not be used as-is in the glossary. Suggestions are given for which parts might be worth using in the glossary (as long as they are noted as being informal English or slang — perhaps a list of common abbreviations might be added to the page):

  1. hw given in copy → "hw = homework"
  2. Plz tell me → "plz = please"
  3. U want me to keep me as that ?? → "u = you"
  4. Who s dis → "dis = this" ("s = is" probably not worth using); possibly: "who dis = who is this"


The following are probably hopeless cases but are listed here in case someone can turn them into something useful:

  1. Best friend delay time with me
  2. don't accept because to accept your letter
  3. Hey i am sub to you man
  4. I know i mad some
  5. its not per
  6. Like over that blood
  7. Nothing just promlab hi
  8. There is no further orders of listing
  9. Vives