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Categories are placed here by Module:category tree when they contain no pages or subcategories.

Empty categories are not necessarily a problem. After all, categories that are empty can always be filled with something appropriate. However, occasionally the structure of the category tree itself is changed, which can leave categories stranded with nothing in them. This list helps track down such cases and allows them to be cleaned up.

Because of the way the wiki software works, categories will appear here for a while afterwards if they were empty at first but had entries added to them later. This can be fixed by simply performing a "null edit" on the category page: edit the page, and save without making any changes. (Alternatively, use the "null edit" option provided by the "purge tab" gadget.) This can be avoided by adding entries to categories before creating them. It also helps to create categories from the "bottom up": start at the lowest level that has entries, then create its parent categories, then the parent categories of that, and so on.