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I am Sibi. Need to talk to सदस्य:Mayur about his user space pages. सदस्य:Mayur/tamil, User:Mayur/kannad, सदस्य:Mayur/odia. These pages have several mistakes. Let me talk to him once I have time.

Draft for mayur:

Indian languages[सम्पादन]

Hi Mayur, I am happy to see you working for other Indian languages as well!! However, I would like to point out the mistakes I found, so that we can rectify them and improve our plans. Here are they:

1) In सदस्य:Mayur/tamil page, You have given words in Tamil.

However, more than 90% of them in the list are wrong because of wrong combination of letters. For example, words like 'அஂ஗஡ியா஗ா஡ா, ஬ேரீநா', 'அ஗்ரௌந' are not readable. They look like spam. I am giving some similar examples in devanagari script like 'इॅजृृऊेघएौौ', 'ऎॉॉईॆअॄॄ'. Unrelated characters, especially vowels are mixed with diacritics. This is completely wrong in all indic languages, not just tamil. I can create a transliterator for this. But there are transliterators available in the net.
One more point to note is, vowels come only as first character in tamil. If they come inbetween the word, they wll mix with the consonant and become a pair. For example, भाउ may be correct in hindi, but the उ will take a 'y' and becomes பாவு (भावु).
Word தஹஸீல (Tehsil) is not used in tamil. It is either taluka or vattam(வட்டம்/वट्टम्).

2) In सदस्य:Mayur/kannad, you have given telugu words, they are not kannada! It is true that telugu and kannada scripts appear similar to a greater extent. Many telugu and kannada people may read both telugu/kannada scripts easily. However, Both telugu and kannada scripts are given different encodings and they are considered different. So, Kindly move this page to सदस्य:Mayur/telugu

3) Kindly create other page for Kannada also!

You can use aksharamukha to transliterate words from one Indian language to other. However, there are minor bugs as well and some languages have different grammatical rules and hence the same name may be written differently.

Feel free to contact me :) I appreciate your work and hats off to your work. Thanks.-தமிழ்க்குரிசில் (वार्ता) १५:५९, २२ अगस्त २०१६ (UTC)