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plz be a Active member here if you want to participate in hindi Wiktionary voting poll, Meatpuppetry is not allowed here, Plz avoid it to being blocked in future--Mayur १३:१८, ३० जून २०११ (UTC)

Participating in a discussion is not forbidden here. No laws exclude people from expressing their opinion. As such meatpuppetry accusation may be done if I have a malafide intention. On the contrary, you would find it hard to prove your bonafides. Also please do not make threats for blocking. AshLin १३:३९, ३० जून २०११ (UTC)
you are most welcome to give any suggestion or comment but not to give your vote, Such repetative actions may cause your block thats why i warned you.I hope you can understand what is meatpuppetry which is not allowed here.this is not en wiki it has its on laws if u like en wiki rules too much better edit there, not here--Mayur १३:४४, ३० जून २०११ (UTC)
You may like to count the vote or not, but what you are doing is not right. AshLin १३:५५, ३० जून २०११ (UTC)
Can you tell Why is it not rights? Vibhijain १३:५७, ३० जून २०११ (UTC)
@AshLin! Hmm, what am i doing is not right and what kind of meatpuppetry you are doing is right?, You all India chapter guys cannot do your meat puppetry here, Sorry for your feelings--Mayur १३:५९, ३० जून २०११ (UTC)

Why I oppose the desysopping & why your actions are wrong[सम्पादन]

Hi Mayur,

You asked me as to why I was opposed to User:VibhiJain's moves to remove Prabandhak status from User:Yann and User:Sir Nicholas de Mimsy-Porpington. These people, who enjoyed an admin stus, long before both of you joined, are just existing benignly on Hindi Wiktionary. In no way were they disrupting the wiki. There were also no cases of misuse of their admin status. (In fact one of them has not even objected to removal of his admin status.) You could have just asked them to start participating once again. So this sudden campaign to remove them from admin/crat status is not warranted.

As bureaucrat, you are expected to act wisely in a manner which keeps the community healthy and together. On the contrary instead of looking ointo the merit of the matter and dismissed it altogether, you have not even attempted a mediatory role.

As a crat/admin, before supporting User Vibhi Jain's argument, his actions needed to be examined to see whether his actions arose from an actual need or were justified. It is clear to anyone seeing this dispute from outside, that Vibhi's actions were immature. If he were not a minor, he would probably have been in danger of being censured or blocked. As soon as he joins any Wikipedia, he asks for crat and sysop status. This is true in Hindi Wiktionary, because his very first edit was on 05 Jun, then his next was on 15 Jun and on his 5th edit on 22 Jun 2011 he asked for "Prabandhak" status, soon to be folllowed on Meta for crat status.

Imo, this is a witch-hunt against select people. Mayur, as a bureaucrat, you are expected to be a wise person overseeing and keeping the community healthy and together. You had asked for these crat powers for a specific mandate of technical improvement of Hindi Wiktionary. Instead, your chief concern seems to be whom to deprive of his powers. You are threatening to block a user because he opposed your unilateral action. Now you have made a local policy completely arbitrarily specifically tailored to keep these people out. Sad to say you have only one claim - that he has not editted for some time.

I advice you to look back on your actions, act sensibly, draw this issue to a close and go on to do more productive work such as recruiting more editors, educating newbies and most important of all, fulfilling the promises you made when asking for sysop status on 21 January 2011 which btw was your own very first edit on Hindi Wiktionary.

AshLin १५:५४, ३० जून २०११ (UTC)

I thing Mayur has got more edits than Sir Nicholas de Mimsy-Porpington. Vibhijain १६:०८, ३० जून २०११ (UTC)
Hmm, I opposed Anirudh bcoz It is a shame for an Hindi admin to write on his user page that "गाय हमारी माता है, हमको कुछ नही आता है. काला अक्षर भैंस बराबर" which meaning is "Cow is my mother, I don't know anythig, Every black letter is like buffalo for me".User don't know to write proper hindi and was inactive from 3 years.I warned you bcoz many india chapter people or any group which have no connection to hi wiki community suddenly appears for voting only, I consider this as meat puppetry.I have not blocked you so far I just warned you to stop such activity.This is Hi wiki community, please don't destroy it for your own politics.Let Hi community people decide what they want.--Mayur (talk•Email) 16:23, 30 June 2011 (UTC)

Well, friend, I have defended this country's borders when you were sleeping safely in bed. Depending on your age maybe before you were born too. I did it for all Indians. So kindly dont try to sell me that line of Hindi community. Hindi is my national language and it is my heritage as much as it is any other Indian's regardless of his mother tongue or where he chooses to edit. Just because your mother tongue may be Hindi, does not give you the right to be autocratic. AshLin १७:५९, ३० जून २०११ (UTC)

hmm, Nice to listen that you have defended this country's borders when we were sleeping safely in bed, I appreciate you for this.But my main concern was to stop meet puppetry(Group ism) on this project.Bcoz you was not a member of this community before today and know him personally as per your comments on meta wiki. I told you that please be a active user here then you are welcome to vote here.I have explained you the case of "Sir nicholus de mimmsy propington", As a Hindi speaker you can understand this.--Mayur १८:०८, ३० जून २०११ (UTC)
Member of real life hindi community don't makes you a member of hindi wiki community, even Ray Puglesi is a member of hi community, but in real life he is a Portuguese. So no point to talk about that. Vibhijain १८:१७, ३० जून २०११ (UTC)
I have nothing more to say. I have stated my points very clearly. AshLin १८:१८, ३० जून २०११ (UTC)