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Categories reply[सम्पादन]

The meaning of this category श्रेणी:पोलिश:देश means Category:Polish:Countries and meaning of श्रेणी:पोलिश नामवाचक संज्ञा (स्थान नाम) is Category:Polish proper nouns (place names). रोहित रावत ०४:२२, १४ अप्रैल २०११ (UTC)

Deletion and creation of categories[सम्पादन]

Hi Malafaya. I have deleted those categories because their spellings were wrong and names also, and I am still in the process of creating new categories or you can say correct categories and I'll insert interwiki links in the new categories. So don't worry and it may take time. So I'm not promising that I'll do it in 1-2 days but definitely I'll do that. रोहित रावत १७:००, २७ अप्रैल २०११ (UTC)