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इस साँचे का इस्तेमाल उन पन्नों पर होना चाहिए जो श्रेणी: नामस्थान में हैं, and automatically generates descriptions and categorization for categories of a recognized type (see below). It is implemented by Module:category tree and its submodule Module:category tree/poscatboiler. It is preferable not to invoke this template directly, but to simply use {{auto cat}} (with no parameters), which will automatically invoke this template on appropriately-named category pages.

This template automatically generates descriptions and categorization for categories whose name follows the format "(language name) (label)" and "(label) by language".

See Module:category tree/poscatboiler/data/documentation for information on how to modify the handling of specific categories. This describes the format of the data describing specific categories, which is found in Module:category tree/poscatboiler/data and its submodules.

The text of any category page using this module should simply read {{auto cat}}.
The correct way to invoke Module:category tree/poscatboiler on a given category page that it handles is through {{auto cat}}. You should not normally invoke {{poscatboiler}} directly. If you find a category page that directly invokes {{poscatboiler}}, it is probably old, from before when {{auto cat}} was created, and should be changed.


The language code (see Wiktionary:Languages) of the language that the category name begins with, and which the category's contents belongs to. Leave this empty for "by language" type categories.
|2= (required)
The label of the category. This is the part of the category name that follows the language name. It cannot be empty.
The script code (see Wiktionary:Scripts), if this is a script-specific subcategory. This is used for languages whose entries are categorised separately by script.